Draft Flashback: The All Ron Borges Team

I was just reading a story about Herald writer and ultimo-hack Ron Borges writing a story about NFL outside counsel Bob Batterman letting loose candid information on the lockout while Borges was accidentally/strategically/un-confirm-ably chilling in a stall in the Roosevelt Hotel rest room. I browsed over the overflowing Borges-hate in the comments section and it reminded me of one of Boston’s best examples of draft talk gone bad.

The book Management Secrets of the New England Patriots (available on Google Books) quotes the post-draft red eyed diatribes of one Mr. Ron Borges following the 2001 Patriots draft which brought the team future Pro Bowlers and team icons Richard Seymour and Matt Light:

“On a day when they could have had impact players David Terrell or Koren Robinson or the second best tackle in the draft Kenyatta Walker, they took Georgia defensive tackle Richard Seymour who had 1 1/2 sacks last year in the pass-happy SEC, and is too tall to play tackle at 6-6 and too slow to play defensive end. This genius move was followed by trading out of a spot where they could have gotten the last decent receiver in the draft Robert Ferguson and settled for tackle Matt Light, who will not help any time soon.”

Sheer history tells you unequivocally what an ass Borges made of himself with this statement. But for the sake of making a unified point let’s point out exactly what went wrong.

David Terrell: Drafted 8th overall by the Chicago Bears. Lasted 5 seasons in the NFL with a career high 699 yards in 2004. 9 career touchdowns. Granted the Bears technically had 9 starting quarterbacks in those 4 years including such Midway icons as Kordell Stewart, Jim Miller, and Rex Grossman. Terrell was never a difference maker and was cut by the Bears, Broncos, and your New England Patriots. Has not played a down in the NFL since 2005.

Koren Robinson: Seattle Seahawks super-bust and North Carolina’s third largest tax evader in history. Robinson made waves with his breakout 1,240 2nd year. He made way bigger waves with his chronic alcoholism and underachieving. After 2002 he more or less halved his numbers every year until being released by the Seahawks. He wandered the NFL for the next few years in between drunk driving arrests, rehab and a potential involvement in the 2005 Vikings sex boat scandal. The Seahawks resigned him in 2008 in a failed desperation move when their entire WR depth chart batch loaded to injured reserve. He had a brief stint in the UFL when he was signed by the prestigious Florida Tuskers. The Tuskers traded Robinson a month later to a team he would fail to report to. His best contribution to the NFL is the status of a cautionary tale to incoming rookies, and a semi-decent free agent WR pickup in Madden 2006.

Kenyatta Walker: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14th overall pick. Drafted to play left tackle, but had to be moved to the right side. He played 5 seasons at RT and started on the Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII team. That’s good. He was released the following season, picked up then released by the Panthers. Lasting only 6 seasons in the NFL his last known participation in professional football was with the practice squad of the Toronto Argonauts. 

Robert Ferguson: The most seasoned of all Borge’s draft wishes playing in the NFL till the grizzled age of 29. His super optimistic Wikipedia page attests that “2003 was his best year statistically as he caught 38 passes for over 500 yards and 4 touchdowns.” Ferguson never topped his mammoth 520 glory days of 2003 and was released by the Packers, Vikings, and Falcons. He is most recently known as the founder and spokesman of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System.

So much for the Borges Dream Team. Even in the most optimistic of retrospectives, Borges couldn’t possible have been more wrong.This is what I mean when I talk about the uneducated bullying of fan opinions. Ron Borges, the 2001 draft, and the speak first check facts never Boston Herald should serve as the ultimate cautionary warning about thinking for yourself when it comes to the draft. Mr. Borges while you’re in that stall please do what the rest of Boston has been doing for quite some time and wipe your ass with the Herald sports section.

And Jon Tomase is fat.

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