Malcolm Williams Footage Surfaces

For anyone who reads this blog, you know I don’t half ass my research. Yet somehow I could never find any footage of Patriots 7th round draft pick and TCU defensive back Malcolm Williams. According to the Youtube page this video was posted in the middle of March. I can guarantee I searched high and low for any kind of moving images of Williams playing football and came up with nothing. The first comments didn’t surface until after the draft, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Nevertheless, here is Williams’ Junior College footage. In typical 7th rounder DIY fashion it’s video taped off a TV and looks like crap. Further analysis will come (followed by another post where I walk somebody step by step through iMovie’s export workflow), but Williams looks disgustingly fast.

Most people’s suspicions will be confirmed when they see him actually return kicks and punts. He’s not much for elusiveness, but his afterburner is devastating. According to his TCU profile he averaged 23.0 yards per punt return in his JuCo years. To put it in perspective Devin Hester lead the NFL last season with 17.1 yards per PR.

To put it in perspective again, it was junior college. Williams didn’t have a single kick or punt return at TCU (Jeremy Kerley was the man for that, check the stats) and with that being said I’m still standing by my original assessment that Williams is intended to be a special teams gunner and nothing more. That prediction stands until I see him return a kick in a Patriots uniform.

Here is the footage:

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