HIT VICK FOR PITS: A Charity Pledge Drive for Pitbull Resuce

Michael Vick is a free agent in my fantasy league. He has been since week 1. He’ll be there in week 17. I don’t want him, and neither does anyone else in the Vegan Mutant League (a fantasy league I created for my Vegan girlfriend, and an homage to Bones Justice, the only truly great QB/H-Back hybrid to ever not exist).

My friend Bill auto-drafted him by accident after his computer crashed on draft night. Naturally I laughed at him. He didn’t find it especially hilarious though. Bill is a volunteer with Braveheart Pitbull Rescue, an organization that helps save and rehabilitate dogs from abusive environments such as the dog fighting ring organized by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. During his time with Braveheart he helped relocate and rehabilitate dogs from the “Missouri 500,” a July 2009 multi-state bust on a dog fighting ring that seized over 450 abused dogs. It would prove to be the largest dog fight bust in history. He did something probably no one else in the world of fantasy football would, and asked me to administratively remove Vick from his team.

Bill at a Braveheart adoption event

I’ve rooted for Vick to fail ever since the league inexplicably granted him his reinstatement. With the Patriots headed to Philadelphia this Sunday, even with Vick’s questionable status, a lot of old feelings are coming back to the surface. And I don’t mean Super Bowl XXXIX (which the Eagles lost fair & square through crappy quarterback play). It’s worth arguing that Vick has done his time. We put our justice system in place for criminals to atone for their crimes, and rise above their past. This is something I believe in. It’s worth arguing that the legal system is to blame as much as Vick. As a man who loves football I’ve tried greatly to separate Mike Vick the criminal from Mike Vick the football player. I’ve tried to convince myself that I am a football fan, and not a judge. The truth, however, is that no matter how big of a football fan I may be I’ll always be a human being first.

That being said I would like to propose the HIT VICK FOR PITS Pledge Drive.


To Explain:

Step 1Fill out the pledge form with your name, email, and the amount you’d like to pledge per hit. The idea is for you, the fans, to pledge money for every time a Patriots player hits Michael Vick. By hits I mean sacks, statistical QB hits, tackles, and any visible knockdowns. This could be on a block, on a tackle, or after a play. Based off the number of hits you would then be expected to donate that money to Braveheart Pitbull Rescue via Paypal.

BONUSInterceptions and fumbles are also counted. Because apparently you can still be considered an elite quarterback with a nearly 1:1 TD/INT ratio almost every year.

Step 2Watch the game. Root for Vick to fail. The things you yell at the TV are entirely up to you.

Step 3Check back in to Patskrieg.com for the final tally. I’m working with Braveheart at the moment to get a Paypal link that goes directly to them. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO SEND A PAYPAL DONATION. They’re the leader in online money transfers for a reason. Don’t be that idiot that insists Paypal wants to steal your Minesweeper high scores. You can use a credit card.


You pledge 50¢ per hit.

Vick gets sacked 4 times, tackled 5 times, knocked down 3 times, intercepted 1 time and clobbered once on a late hit because his crappy offensive line blocks Wilfork into him.

That’s 14 hits times $0.50 which would = $7. That’s your donation to Braveheart which you would be expected to send via Paypal after the game. The Paypal links will be available here, and on the Hit Vick For Pits Facebook page which I would certainly appreciate if you “Liked” on your Facebook.

Everything is based off the honor system. Pledge as little or as much as you’d like. Small donations help too. No one is stopping you from sending less than what you pledged, or sending nothing at all. Unlike animal abuse, there is no crime for being a cheapskate. The idea here is just to remind people that being a good football player will never be a consolation for the murder and abuse of innocent living things.

What Michael Vick did is unforgivable, and can never be replaced. Not through football. Not through community service. Not through money. It’s almost hackneyed to say it, but has Michael Vick ever seemed at all sorry to anyone for the atrocities he willingly committed? Since he finished his 23 month prison sentence Vick has done nothing but belittle the issue with non-apologies and avoidance. I get it. He torches the Redskins for 300+ yards on Monday Night Football, so maybe killing pitbulls isn’t what he wants to talk about. But that doesn’t make it go away. A Lindsay Lohan 23 month commuted prison sentence doesn’t make it go away. There is a saying in football that “winning fixes everything.” Don’t let it fix this. Don’t let history be re-written just because it is inconvenient for our need to be entertained. Don’t let Mike Vick crawl back into the status of role model because he’s a play maker.

A dog fighting victim post-surgery.

People who condone dog fighting lack basic compassion for living things. They demonstrate a complete disconnect for rudimentary concepts of right and wrong. To willfully encourage the suffering of animals is textbook sociopathic behavior with an absolute disregard for their suffering. It is disgusting to me on a level that very few things are. How do you repay society for willful premeditated murder and mutilation? How does a 23 month jail sentence make up for the slaughter of innocent animals capable of feeling pain, suffering, and fear?

It doesn’t. Make a statement. Help turn Mike Vick’s misery at the hands of the Patriots defense into a small gain for people out there with the conscious to fix what monsters like Mike Vick have done to this world.

For More Information on Braveheart Pitbull Rescue visit Braveheartrescue.com

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One Response to HIT VICK FOR PITS: A Charity Pledge Drive for Pitbull Resuce

  1. Marie says:

    I am also a volunteer with BraveHeart. Thank you so much for doing this!

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