Bowl Game Watch List Part 1

Bowl season is here. And if you haven’t watched any college football this year it’s your chance to sit down and pick out some players you’d like to see in the NFL next year. It’s also a chance to see which players rise to the occasion, and which players finally lay an egg against decent competition. I’ll be keeping a running quick list of guys I think are worth paying attention to.

Brandon Jenkins – DE/LB Florida State (Junior)
Build: 6-3 265 lbs
Relevant Stats: 20.5 sacks in 2 years starting
Early Projection: 1st round
Bowl Game: Champs Sports Bowl v Notre Dame Dec. 29 5:30 ET

I had the pleasure of watching Jenkins in person when the Seminoles beat up on BC earlier this year and he’s been on my radar ever since. He’s a big, super aggressive player with a T-Rex lower body that gives him a lot of speed and power. He played as a DE at FSU, but just watching him play makes me think he has 3-4 OLB written all over him.

Vinny Curry – DE/LB Marshall (Senior)
Build: 6-5 242 lbs
Relevant Stats: 3 Year Starter, 11 Sacks in senior year, 7 FF career
Early Projection: 2nd round
Bowl Game: Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl v Florida INTL Dec. 20 8:00 ET

Curry has good numbers and a good build to be a pass rushing DE probably best suited for a 4-3. It’s early on so I might change my mind on that but he’s considered one of the better DE’s in the draft and for the moment seems poised to go in the early 2nd round. Curry is a guy whose name has been popping up for the last 2 years as a future Pats target. He’s strong and technical but right now I’m not nearly as impressed with him as I was Jabaal Sheard a year ago. The same Jabaal Sheard that I begged and pleaded for Belichick to draft and has 7/5 sacks already in Cleveland.

Mark Barron – Safety Alabama (Senior)
Build: 6-2 218 lbs
Relevant Stats: 3 Year Starter, 12 career INTs, 61 tackles senior year
Early Projection: 2nd round
Bowl Game: AllState BCS Championship Jan. 9 8:30 ET

No secret. The Pats have to draft a safety in April. When we dumped Merriweather and Sanders I joked that Chung was apparently playing the entire back end of the secondary by himself. Lo and behold the joke was on me because nobody has played a goddamn thing at safety in weeks. The guy I’m most intrigued by is USC’s TJ McDonald, but he won’t be appearing in any bowl games. The two biggest names left floating around in 2nd round talk are Mark Barron and Robert Lester both of the Alabama Crimson Tide. In fact pretty much the entire Tide secondary could be off the board by the end of the 2nd round. Lester had the better numbers a year ago, but on tape I think Barron is the keeper. I think he might be the more aggressive of the pair, and to me shows a lot of parallel’s to Patrick Chung.

Kendall Wright – Wide Receiver Baylor (Senior)
Build: 5-10 190 lbs
Relevant Stats: 3 Year Starter, 1572 yards 13 TDs as a senior
Early Projection: 2nd round
Bowl Game: Valero Alamo Bowl Dec 29 9:00 ET

In Wright’s senior year at Baylor he averaged:

    131 yards a game
    8.4 rec a game
    1.08 TD a game
    15.6 yards per reception

You’re gonna hear a lot of talk about the Patriots needing to go out and find a deep threat wideout who is going to “stretch the field” because Brady’s numbers are obviously in the toilet without one. While I did point out last year that Belichick was very quietly shopping around for 6-4, 6-5 sideline threat wideouts why not address the obvious? If Bill O’Brien couldn’t draw up a deep passing game for Randy Moss, who exactly is he supposed to make one work for? The Pats will be shopping for Deion Branch’s understudy, not Randy Moss’ replacement. Kendall Wright was a yardage machine. He was Baylor’s leading receiver by a wide margin in a very good passing offense. He caught at least 1 pass in all 39 collegiate games he appeared in, and was named by CBS Sports as one of the Top Ten Most Exciting Players In College Sports. He went only 3 games this year without a TD and still managed 316 yards total in those 3 games. Just keep an eye on him.

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