Very Funny…

I check the blog traffic stats a few times a week. Two things usually stick out:

1. My profile on Dontay Moch from a year ago still gets at least 20-30 hits a week and I don’t know why.
2. People use some really stupid search terms to find the site sometimes.

  • Jerron O’McFadden
  • Tom Brady Retard
  • And my personal favorite recurring term Tim Tebow F@##0t

The last one of which I swear appears nowhere on this site. Here is today’s find.

Well here you go. Enjoy your knockoff Josh Barrett jersey (found here for a nice round $45.97 marked down from $183.88). If any of these actually existed in the Patriots Pro Shop you can maybe snag one cheap next month from Johnathan Kraft’s butler when he’s done using it as an oil change smock.

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