PEYTON MANNING: Here He Is America… The Guy You Sided With Over Tom Brady

Update 2/13/16: Congrats to P.M. on his 2nd Super Bowl victory, and officially becoming half as good as Tom Brady. And what did he do as soon as he won? He broke stride from running onto the field with this teammmates to kiss (…KISS) the Papa John’s guy, while the same announcers who refused to mention his HGH scandal pretended they didn’t see that either. Thank you everyone for vindicating all the things I mention here, and that the New York Daily News is now running with. It’s been a hell of a ride.

Freud wrote volumes on it: how we view ourselves in others. Pro wrestling blessed us with a much simpler dichotomy: Babyfaces (the hero, the charismatic crowd favorite) and Heels (the bad guy that finds that raw nerve inside you and sinks his teeth in). I once had a long and shockingly deep talk about wrestling with my friend Joe who wrestling fans might know as Joey Numbas, co-host of the Wrestling Soup show. We talked about what makes a Babyface, and soon enough Brady came up. On the surface the supernaturally handsome Brady looks like an easy fit for a babyface: looks, a quiet charm, an underdog past. But somewhere along the lines people (outside New England that is) just stopped seeing him that way. “The nature of people is to cheer what they like to be, and boo what they hate most about themselves,” Joe said to me. “The only time it doesn’t work is when the bright eyed babyface is too strong,” he continued “the whole country hates Tom Brady because he’s too good, and you need your babyface to suck enough that people care.” Did Brady do himself in? The three Super Bowl rings. The super model wife. A combined fortune big enough for neither of them to ever have to work again. A .768 career winning percentage. Did a life that was just too perfect turn him heel? If the internet is any indication of real life (and according to the internet it very much is) Brady had super kicked the NFL world through a barbershop window.

Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. Two QB’s intertwined for eternity as the elite QB’s of the 21st century. Yet we’re led to believe that one is a cheating pretty boy that a crooked league wants to put over like a scheming Vince McMahon. And the other is Peyton Manning: class act, pedigreed super star, and the only man capable of reading a defense without stealing their signals. Being a Brady hater certainly doesn’t make you a Manning fan by default. However, it is my opinion that Manning has been afforded a free pass by an America that either ignores or just plain chooses not to know certain things about the man thought of as Brady’s stalwart foil. So I thought we should reacquaint ourselves before this Sunday’s AFC Championship. So here he is America… The guy you sided with over Tom Brady.


Peyton Manning: The Guy With A History of Sexual Assault

Oh you didn’t know about this? Well then I’ll lead off with it because a lot of people don’t seem to either. (Update: As mentioned above Shaun King of the the NYDN goes into much more detail than I do about this) This includes the same NFL analysts that never miss a chance to recall Spygate choose not to remember Manning’s sticky past. In fact, this developmental milestone is completely absent from Manning’s Wikipedia article. But it happened. In 1996 Peyton Manning, while in college at the University of Tennessee, was accused of sexual assault by a female trainer. Manning’s side of the story was that he was in the training room and dropped his pants to moon a cross country athlete as a prank, unbeknownst to the fact that the female trainer was in the same room. Whoops. The testimony of trainer Jamie Ann Naughright, however, was much different:

Naughright and her lawyer provided a different version of events. In a court filing, her lawyer wrote that she was examining Manning to see why Manning was having pain in one of his feet and was crouched behind him when “entirely unprovoked, Peyton Manning decided to pull down his shorts and sit on Dr. Naughright’s head and face.”

As Naughright described it in a deposition entered into the court record: “It was the gluteus maximus, the rectum, the testicles and the area in between the testicles. And all that was on my face when I pushed him up. … To get leverage, I took my head out to push him up and off.”

You read that correctly. The trainer bent over to check him for a stress fracture in his foot and he planted his bare ass (testicles and all) on her face as a laugh. The incident was dubbed a “mooning” by a Tennessee football coach in an effort to downplay the severity of what happened. The University of Tennessee agreed and dubbed the incident “horseplay” (as quoted by the Assoc. Press) and no charges were filed. A year later Naughright sued UT citing 33 incidents of sexual harassment including Manning. Her case was convincing enough to land her a $300,000 settlement.

Scandals have become synonymous with Ben Roethelisberger, Ray Lewis, Michael Vick, etc and yes they all deserve it. Manning’s sexual assault, although thoroughly documented, is neither common knowledge nor readily associated with him. Have you ever heard a journalist so much as mention it, much less pour it on as in Lewis’ mere association to a crime? What exactly earned Manning the free pass from a career of rape jokes and scrutiny?


Peyton Manning: The Guy Who Got Sued For Defamation of Character By the Woman He Sexually Assaulted

You didn’t know that either? In 2002 the Mannings had an auto-biography ghost written for them called Manning: A Father, His Sons & a Football Legacy (currently available for $0.01 used on Amazon, cool legacy). The book addressed the teabagging/mooning and very slyly without naming her outright slammed Naughright as an individual with a love of dirty language and lewd behavior. If you’re new to rape culture that’s the long way of saying “She was asking for it.” Naughright’s superior at Southern Florida, her new place of work at the time, had reportedly received a mysterious sealed envelope that contained the passages in Manning’s book about her. Despite favorable reviews throughout the several years she worked there she was suspiciously demoted shortly after and then eventually fired. She took the Mannings to court on a defamation case that included a devastating letter from Malcolm Saxon (the guy Peyton claimed he was “mooning”) to Peyton urging to him “do the right thing” and “maintain some dignity and admit what happened.” The defamation case was settled on confidential undisclosed terms. Considering the $300K Tennessee shelled out I can only imagine what the Manning royal family handed over to make her go away.


Peyton Manning: The Guy Who Can’t Not Endorse EVERYTHING

Gatorade, Oreos, DirecTV, Sony, Wheaties, Buick, Reebok, Sprint, Master Card, Papa Fucking John’s… I LOVE products! That’s the list off the top of my head of products he cashes checks from. He’s on TV 24 hours a day orange barrel re-routing into one side of your brain and out the other. Peyton has reached that late 90’s Hugh Grant level of unwanted over saturation where you can literally change the channel from one commercial of Peyton and find another at random on the next channel and not want to see either, and he’s been there for a long time. You can helplessly repeat in sync “Haay Peyton, just fiiired up the grill” followed by a fist pump your brain doesn’t even know you’re doing. But tell me who are cynical football fans sick of? Tom Brady. The guy who does Uggs print ads because he’s too much of a goof to be trusted on camera. People who associate Brady as some kind of too-cool Hollywood glitterati must not have been alive for the most wooden and painful to watch episode of Saturday Night Live this side of 1990. An acting performance once dubbed by former teammate Rosevelt Colvin in the Boston Metro (I am not going looking for the Metro article to cite) as “Terrible… Not even good enough to be in Coming to America II.”


Peyton Manning: The Guy Whose Team Cheated and Never Got Caught

There’s only so many times by so many teams that you can be accused of generating fake crowd noise into your dome before someone needs to take note of it. The RCA Dome, the former home of the Manning era Colts was a funhouse of surprises for visiting teams. This included, as ESPN noted after a very public audio blunder by CBS (clip no longer available on Youtube), several teams informally but only the Patriots and Steelers formerly lodging such a complaint. This was a year after there was suspicion that the Colts, in an effort to put the squeeze on several Patriots defenders battling the flu during the AFC Championship (game which featured a miraculous 18 point comeback in the 2nd half) the Colts had the temperature in the dome raised significantly. Rosevelt Colvin had to leave the game with cramps because of the heat… in a dome… an architectural concept invented solely for controlling weather and climate.

Belichick complained for years about oddities and suspicious malfunctions of the coach to QB helmet communications, calling it “unusual” and “basically useless” after an early season game in 2007 (won by the Patriots). Apparently the same Indian burial ground that the RCA Dome was founded on migrated to Lucas Oil Stadium where the communication problems continued. For more information Google “4th and 2.”


Peyton Manning: The Guy Who Never Yells At His Teammates

I don’t get what the fascination is with Brady yelling at his receivers but Patriot haters can’t stop themselves from bringing it up. It’s a really blood boiling point of focus for casual football fans longing for anything but football to watch, but don’t have the guts to just get it over with and let their friends see them buying an US Magazine. For them, professionals like Peyton would never yell at his teammates…


Not even in a 2002 Sports Illustrated article when a team of lip readers caught Manning dropping the F bomb no fewer than 9 times in a game.


Peyton Manning: The Guy Who ACTUALLY Influenced the No-Contact Rules

Everyone knows if Tom Brady hadn’t been such a Mary about getting his ACL eradicated life would be better. We wouldn’t have all these pansy “roughing the quarterback” calls. Eggheads wouldn’t be butting in with all this “concussion” B.S. Football players would have guaranteed permanent debilitating brain damage to look forward to. And everything would be a big bacon sunset. Right?

People gripe about the so-called “Brady Rules” implemented in the last few years designed to protect quarterbacks from flagrant and dangerous hits. That’s all well and good except that it’s bullshit. Low hits on quarterbacks were outlawed for the 2006 season, 2 years before Brady’s injury. Long enough for Bernard Pollard to read it. And it wasn’t until 2010 (2 years AFTER Brady’s ACL injury) that the league started handing out 5 and 6 figure fines for hits to the head. This was damage control after public pressure to combat the effects of irreversible brain damage caused from the game. Brady never lobbied for any of these rules. He did, however, pay for them with a pointless devastating knee injury that cost him a full season in his prime. The downside of these rules is that it gives the officials a non-reviewable opportunity to judge a hit on the quarterback in real time, leading to a lot of bad calls and yes Brady has benefitted from a few so has Manning, so have a lot of teams. The other downside is that it forces 2nd rate teams to have to develop a quarterback instead of just injuring other teams’ quarterbacks. It’s a real bum out for some fans who apparently would rather see a league full of Damon Huard’s and Derek Anderson’s behind center while all the starting quarterbacks are in body casts.

Chest puffing fans and the media tend to leave out a very important stepping stone in contact rules, and the fact that Colts owner Jim Irsay lobbied for it. Namely I refer to the 2004 re-evaluation of the illegal contact rules for defending recievers. There were rules for illegal contact prior to this, but referees were generally more permissive and held a “let them play” attitude (that fans are still screaming for today). However, after a Colts loss in the 2003 AFC Championship game owner Jim Irsay cried publicly to the NFL Competition Committee for a re-emphasis on illegal contact. The committee, which featured Colts head coach Tony Dungy and then Rams coach Mike Martz (who 3 years prior had lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl) of course granted this request. And there it was… a handful of people with a vested biased interest refocused the game to fit their needs and significantly decrease the physical nature of the game.

The results of this ruling were longer games, more penalties, more non-reviewable violations that could effect a game at any time, a dramatic shift in the game in favor of the offense, exponentially increasing passing statistics, and of course a critical “face guarding” penalty on Ellis Hobbs in the 2006 AFCCG which sparked a Colts comeback on their way to Manning’s 1st and only Super Bowl win… a penalty that there was “no such thing as” according to Greg Aiello NFL Vice President of Communications who admitted that Hobbs never made contact with the receiver. It’s also worth noting that after several days of searching there is no video or photographic evidence of the phantom PI on Hobbs. I wonder why.


Peyton Manning: The Man Who Almost Got Away With Stealing the 2005 Steelers Super Bowl Run

January 15th, 2006. Steelers at Indianapolis. A date that almost lived in NFL infamy. With the Colts driving down the field in the 4th quarter, future Hall of Fame-er Peyton Manning throws an interception to a diving Troy Polamalu. He caught the ball cleanly, stood up, ran down the field, fumbled, and had the ball recovered by his teammates. The Steelers would have had the ball at their own 48 with 5:14 remaining in the game and an 11 point lead. Referee Pete Morelli reviewed the play, and ruled that Polamalu never had control of the ball.

Morelli was wrong. The NFL immediately admitted the call was wrong. This was 2006, and the NFL rarely made such public admissions, and opposing players even more rarely accused the referees of defrauding the game after a win.
UPDATE 2/13/16 Thank you to the idiot that commented that I was wrong and the video of this did exist. The video was published a year after I wrote the blog. But thank you for chiming in 2 years later to prove my point for me.

Yet it didn’t stop the Colts from completing their fraudulent drive with a touchdown, and coming within 1 missed field goal of stealing a playoff win and letting slimey Jim Irsay re-write history with Manning as the hero. SBNation named it the #2 Greatest Win In Steelers History for upsetting both Manning and the officials in an upsidedown affair that was a victory for real football fans everywhere.


Peyton Manning: The Guy Whose Legacy of Sketchy League Treatment Followed Him To Denver

Any Patriot hater worth his throbbing forehead vein and capslock key knows that the weekly injury report from Foxboro means a Tom Brady shoulder injury. The injustice… How about a failed drug test that took 2 years to disclose. I refer you to Von Miller’s four game suspension earlier this year in regards to a series of failed drug tests that were never made public. PFT’s Mike Florio opined on the matter:

[I]t’s still unclear why it has taken so long to get the appeal resolved. In late 2011, there was some suspicion that the league tapped the brakes on a couple of potential suspensions in order to avoid derailing Tebowmania. In 2012, the Broncos were among the league’s darlings, given the arrival of Peyton Manning.

New team. New colors. Same story. The league openly bends time and space for Manning. The story goes away and your regularly scheduled Patriots conspiracy theories resume.

UPDATE 10/08/14: You can also count the Broncos as the team whose Vice President of Football Operations’ son privately got away with assaulting his girlfriend and dragging her out of the car by her hair. John Elway III (24 year old son of former NFL Superstar and current Broncos exec John Elway) ended an argument with his girlfriend on the night of May 31, 2014 by dragging her out of the car by her hair and shoving her to the ground. Something like this normally makes national headlines and lands somebody a serious assault charge on their record. But when you have Daddy Elway type money, and a Colorado judicial system that worships said rich daddy you can get away with secretly getting your court date moved up to a private hearing off the court docket and having your assault charge reduced to a misdemeanor “disturbing the peace.” If you’re looking for the number of times Jonathan Kraft has beaten a woman I’ll save you the Googling and let you know that it’s zero. I guess there’s just something about being a spoiled baby that gets whatever he wants that breeds that kind of behavior in their spoiled baby children.

And last but not least please don’t ever forget the team you’ve sided with…

The Denver Broncos: The Team That Stole Signals, Won Two Super Bowls, And Bragged About it


“Our guy keeps a pair of binoculars on their signal-callers every game,” says Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. “With any luck, we have their defensive signals figured out by halftime. Sometimes, by the end of the first quarter.”


Sound familiar to anyone? Another fact you rarely hear. You’d think the Broncos fans and press might be a little quieter with the Spygate talk considering their team won a pair of Super Bowls using nearly the exact same tactics that the Patriots were condemned for. I’ll hand it over to Jerry Thorton at Barstool Sports to remind you of the $29 million in cap money Denver hid to win those 2 Super Bowls too.

Disclaimer & Tl;DR: I actually have an immense respect for Peyton Manning the football player. I’ve always been impressed by the story Manning going out of his way to introduce himself to Brady when he was a nobody. He probably (maybe) regrets the whole teabagging incident. And if he offered I’d probably take a ride in his Buick while we get OnStar directions to go egg Mike Vanderjagt’s house. But if you think you’re taking the high road by siding with Manning over Brady you’re barking up the wrong forehead.

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89 Responses to PEYTON MANNING: Here He Is America… The Guy You Sided With Over Tom Brady

  1. zoe says:

    brady is the worst

      • F.U. says:

        Your writing skills are remarkable. The way you state unbiased opinions to prove facts is seriously convicting. On another note, you are fucking garbage. I doubt you could sway a room of remedial 4 year olds with the shit you spew on this terrible, terrible website that I somehow stumbled upon and hope never to speak or hear of again. I hate you

      • Patskrieg says:

        “This is dumb and it makes me mad and ur dum” will always be the most air tight of arguments. Thanks for solidifying everything I’ve ever believed in.

    • shutup_fagget says:


    • CommonSense says:

      So 20 years ago, Manning either intentionally moons a woman trainer or inadvertently shows his @ss to said trainer while mooning someone else and you classifgy this as sexual assault? Im guessing you never stepped foot in a locker room, lot of @ss and b@lls in there. Pretty pathetic really. Its called testosterone and it flows in the locker room, im thinking the best way to avoid such instances is your are of one sex and a trainer for a team of the opposite sex, you shouldn’t be doing examinations in a place where the opposite sex may be exposed. Common sense if you ask me, but nice try and character assassination. For the record i think both Brady and Manning are stand up guys and extraordinary quarterbacks.

      • Patskrieg says:

        For your mother’s sake I’m glad she’s never had to endure some rich kid stuffing his testicles in her face so his rich boy friends could laugh at her. You’d sing a different tune.

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  3. Lori Graybill says:

    Sorry, but this just comes off as a Brady fanboy condemning Manning fanboys. Yeah, Peyton cheated by turning up the crowd noise and the heat in the stadium. Perha

    • Hi. #1. Thank you for reading. #2. Thanks even more for commenting. #3. The news of me being a Brady fanboy is practically prehistoric. Of course I am. #4. It’s not so much Manning fanboys Im condemning as…well everyone. There’s a real genuine double standard for Peyton in what people choose to remember about his career, personal life and the ownership he’s played under. The 06 AFCCG is spilled milk. That game is never coming back. But it’s an example of a legit pattern of strange events reported by multiple teams that went largely swept under the rug. Again, thanks for commenting.

  4. Lori Graybill says:

    Perhaps the fact that the patriots player had to leave the game because of cramps due to dehydration could be attributed to the flu which causes fever, diarrhea and vomiting. All of which cause dehydration. Which can lead to cramps. But hey, what do I know, I’m just an ER nurse.

    • Intentionally raising the temperature in the dome sure would be a great way to cause dehydration when you know opposing players have the flu. But neither one of us is a dome thermostat technician so we may never know.

  5. Lori Graybill says:

    Also, shame unto you for even mentioning Tebow in the same place with Brady and Manning.

  6. Diane Cooper says:

    Yeah, I said something to a friend in Knoxville about the sexual harassment at the time, and she knew nothing. Pretty stunning.

    • It’s almost as if the wealthy and charismatic get away with special treatment.

    • Dave Suchy says:

      Personally, what I think is funny about the trainer at Tenn. she cited 33 instances, but she didnt mind until it was Archie’s boy? Sorry, but I dont find her credible, I wouldnt have been a good judge on the case as she didnt seem to mind the 32 other instances.

      • Patskrieg says:

        It’s a red flag for sure, but my point stands: the media has turned far less into much more in many many cases. Peyton got a free pass.

  7. Keb Intone says:

    Peyton’s assault “victim” Jamie Ann Naughright has a habit of filing lawsuits, like in 2010 when her employer Donna Karan (Urban Zen) gave her free access to a “therapist” that told her “Your breast is dead. I can cure you” and for some reason Ms. Naughright allowed him to do a neck adjustment she later claimed resulted in injury and “offensive physical touching.” Which part of her professional trainer education made her think that was a good idea I don’t know, but the case was dismissed. Just saying.

    • Well I’ll give you credit. This is far and away the most interesting comment I’ve gotten on this, and this is news to me. Having never received medical treatment in Donna Karan’s bedroom (wtf?) myself I guess I’m forced to reserve judgement.

  8. Mahrk says:

    I think its bullshit you didn’t list the alleged affair as one of your unproven reasons to dislike a football player more than the guy who also yells at his team mates, cusses, has endorsement deals, and stole an AFC divisional playoff game from the Raiders. You’re right though, they are similar. It’s just that Brady hasn’t won a Superbowl since his team was caught cheating, and can’t even garner enough respect to get high fives from his teammates on the sideline. Oh yeah, and he’s a total douchebag. But, he’s an above average NFL QB.

    • I think it’s bullshit that you didn’t list the time Brady’s private security fired at paparazzi trying to photograph his wedding. Probably because it was baller as hell.

    • I’m just glad to be a part of your introductory season to the NFL. Enjoy.

      • LMGRAYBILL says:

        Isn’t football great?

        Listen, I’m no fan of Brady, but with the current climate of the NFL being what it is, both of their (allged) sins feel small. I will stir the pot by saying that Brady looks to be a bit on the decline. I suspect the knee jerk to this will be that his offensive line is, well, offensive. But when big guys in the other jerseys are in the backfield he doesn’t always do a lot to try to keep the play alive, dropping like my pants after too much tequila. Let us not forget he has the Gronk back, Edelman has been a machine and Vareen is a very good pass catcher out of said backfield. And though the O-line has been far from great, on many passes, Tom Terrific is just plain missing them. Will be interesting to see what happens when Wendell returns. You better hope he can this weekend or it might be a long day in K.C.

  9. mo says:

    When I first heard of Manning s sexual assault/harassment , I was fully prepared to jump on the hate band wagon,but after getting a few more details, I can not in good faith do that.As the saying goes,”the devil is in the details”, and I do not have enough details,so at this point it sounds to me like a dumb ass boy/ young man/college student,pulling a dumb ass prank move,not mooning, but sitting on dr’s. head.
    And just so ya know I am no huge fan of Manning or Brady,true they are both excellent QB’S. If I had to choose one to lead my team I would choose Brady,all day ,everyday.Manning has big numbers due in large part to many 5 -10 yard or less passes,he and his brother throw far too many TOTALLY UNNECESSARY HAIL MARY’S,early in games trying to force big plays,if not for this I am certain Peyton would have won at least one more ring.

    • Great comment. Like I said, I’d like to believe Manning regrets whatever happened and this was a case of immaturity rather than sexual predatory behavior. It doesn’t make it alright, but this is a football blog not a morals blog. The point I’m trying to make is that you NEVER hear about this incident like you do the past discrepancies of other less noteworthy athletes. To me it points to a concerted effort on the part of the football media to ignore the incident and protect the image of the league’s best branding product: a classy infallible Peyton Manning.

  10. Austin Mullendore says:

    It sounds like you’re a jealous pussy who cant get over the losses manning has handed your brady bunch in the recent years. The Patriots haven’t won a super bowl in over a DECADE and they won’t win another until they get lucky on a few picks again. Your a hater, quit sucking Tom’s dick and get a life

    • I mean, I am a jealous pussy but I don’t see what that has to do with anything. We’re fast coming up on a decade without a Manning SB victory as well. Both have suffered 2 SB losses since winning their last. I don’t remember Brady losing any of his 43-8 (oof) either. I really don’t get where you think you stand on this, but RE: your suggestions… No I’d rather not stop sucking Brady’s dick. And I definitely don’t want to get a life. Thanks for posting.

      • Austin Mullendore says:

        Much respect is gained for actually responding to my post.. sorry for coming off like a dick but I am a die hard ny jets fan who bleeds green blood so we are forever enemies. However, my stance is that you are way too biased when speaking about peyton manning as a pats fan. I know this because I had the privilege of watching every game he played bc I live in indianapolis.. he may have lost to a top 5 defense ever by 35 points but he would never lose 2 super bowls to little eli and blow a perfect season on the way lmao. there is a reason he has 506 touchdown passes on 1000 fewer attempts then brett favre and there is also a reason tom brady doesn’t even have 400 tds. Numbers don’t lie, peyton is in another class..

      • I’m glad anyone reads this even if they disagree. I’ve pondered before if I’d trade blowing a perfect season for the 3rd largest Super Bowl blowout in history. It’s a close call. I can tell you for certain that Super Bowl 42 was one of most miserable nights of my life.

  11. Neal says:

    College kid making a mistake, that’s unheard of. So Peyton is too blame for Denver developing winning tactics? He’s the only one who yells at his teammates? He turns the stadium heat up and interferes with communications? Brady fan boy needs to sit down and realize the dynasty is over. You cry as Brady retires, I laugh as Peyton breaks records.

    • I’ll see that one and raise you. Record breaking QB with stacked line up gets shut out in the Super Bowl. Never seen that one before.

    • Interesting you should mention blame. Just answer honestly the following:

      The NFL has twice this century had to re-design it’s definition of legal defensive contact on a receiver. Once in the 2006 offseason (after Manning lost to a physical Patriots defense in the AFCCG) and once in the 2014 (after Manning lost to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl).

      The question is this: Are you dumb enough to believe this is a coincidence?

    • Dave Suchy says:

      I dont remember Peyton ever playing under Shanahan. So to mention Shanahan’s Belichek-like behaviour is erroneous. That was Shanahan/Elway. But it WAS Belichek and Brady that used under-inflated balls.

      • Patskrieg says:

        The article is clear that Peyton never played under Shanahan. I’d tell you that the Wells Report never proved that the Patriots purposely under inflated their game balls, but you clearly don’t read too well.

    • Silverminers says:

      LOL, what a difference a year makes.

  12. 22mike22 says:

    peyton manning pulled off the biggest choke in the history of sports in last year’s Super Bowl. That will hang around his neck like an albatross for eternity. wear it like the little bitch that you are peyton.

  13. John Doe says:

    No bias here. None whatsoever. 😉

  14. Becca Briest says:

    Guess you’ll be writing some little crybaby story about Aaron Rodgers now, as I sit here and watch Peyton and the Broncos up by 14 over the Chiefs. You wrote a lot of innuendo, of which you can’t substantiate.

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  16. jackbenimble999 says:

    Pat’s fan here. Great article. I came across this googling stuff about Peyton I’d never heard before when the MGH charge came out. Talk about the perfect example of a double standard.

  17. I H8 ORANGE says:

    Excellent piece.

  18. Peyton Manning says:

    I love me some HGH, & my HGH loves me. Time to go IV drip some HGH before the Super Bowl. The Pathers are going to kick my scrawny ass anyway, in my last game ever as Roger Goodell’s poster boy.

  19. Jd says:

    Funny, I found the Polamalu video in 15 seconds. Your research sucks. Maybe you’re just a southy homer. GFY

    • Patskrieg says:

      We’re waiting….

      • Lori says:

        Here’s the Polamalu INT.

        It pops right up when you google it. Looks like a catch to me, but I could see where someone might say he “didn’t make a football move” or he didn’t possess the ball through the whole catch because he knocked the damn ball out of his own hand with his own freaking knee. Not sure those two distinctions existed in the rules at that point, but I get where there could be some question or differing opinions as to whether or not he actually caught and possessed the ball. Kinda hard to pin this one on Manning though, IMO.

      • Patskrieg says:

        Hi Lori. The video was published to YouTube a year after I wrote the article. I’d update the article but I stopped doing the blog after SB49. You could argue it’s not an INT, as mentioned in the article, the NFL issued a statement after the game saying that it was an INT and the call was incorrect. And yes, it certainly isn’t Manning’s fault. However, there seems to be some belief (one that never actually plays out in real life or is backed up by facts) that Tom Brady is secretly favored by the league. Meanwhile plays like this have followed Manning his whole career. Thanks for the rational dialog. It was refreshing.

      • Lori says:

        Hola! Fair enough. I’m guess I’m sort of the opinion that the NFL favors both of them. And rightly so. They are two of the best QBs to ever play and have had such a great rivalry for so long. It is in the shields best interest to protect the health and to some degree the interests of both these guys. I do not believe the league values one over the other, but I do believe it values them both over say a Rivers or a Romo or a Ryan. Think of what both of them have meant not just to the league, but the organizations for which they play. Brady (with some help from Belichick) made the Pats not just contenders for pretty much the first time ever, but a dynasty the likes of which we may never see again. I’m not a Pats fan, but I have eyes and can clearly see that what they have done surpasses special and borders on legendary. Manning first elevated the Colts and now Denver back in to relavancy. He has absolutely redefined what it means to play the position of quarter back. It’s easy to hate on both of them for the successes they have had that most of us will never know. What’s hard if you are primarily a fan of just one is actually admitting that they are more alike than they are different. If you love football, you love the rivalry, no matter which side you land on and even if you are not a fan of either team. Because those who love the game most understand that we may never see another two guys quite like them facing off. The NFL is savvy business that also understands this and accordingly treats both with the value they represent to the league and the game.

    • Patskrieg says:

      Is it this? Because this video was posted a year after I wrote the article. Sick research skills yourself. And that’s an interception, further solidifying my point. 0 for 2 and did my work for me. Nice job slouch.

  20. Bill Brown says:

    So do you think it’s more probable than not, that Peyton was generally aware his wife was having HGH shipments delivered to their home ? I’m leaning towards yes.

  21. Ross says:

    Blog writer…… You seem quite immature

  22. Nick says:

    I don’t even know where to begin my rebuttal of your erroneous, obviously opinionated, fiction novel. YouTube and Wikipedia, if you actually listened in college (or attended) are not legitimate forms of bibliographic content.

    I feel like an idiot for reading your article and feel bad for your harnessing all this hatred for a man that you will never amount to be a fraction of a fraction of. What does Tom Brady do for his community? Underwear shoots don’t count as humanitarian work – although I’m sure you get your jollies out of watching them alone in your studio apartment using your tears and droole as lubrication are justification enough for you in how he “helps make lives better.”

    Get a clue and I hope your day job isn’t unbiased writing – you’re not very good at that.

    • Patskrieg says:

      Tom Brady does an obscene amount of charity work. That’s not a debatable. He casually dropped $50K on the Jimmy Fund the morning of a federal court hearing. You should Google “Tom Brady Best Buddies” and maybe clue yourself into the hundreds of thousands of dollars he generates for kids with… Ohhhh that’s right. You don’t believe in the internet. What a shame. I guess we’ll just have to live with the reality that nothing is a fact if it puts a frown on your precious face. When I find a peer reviewed article that explains why an adult baby thinks Peyton Manning is the only athlete to ever donate to charity I’ll be sure to post it.

  23. Kyle says:

    Best Buddies is an excellent organization that does a lot of great work in the community. Props to Tom Brady and other Pats players for participating. Not sure what Manning does outside of Papa John’s commercials

  24. David Barnes says:

    Hey, the Shaun King article which is based off of a 74 page document written by Jamie Naughright’s attorneys, is extremely anti Manning and biased for Naughright. It seems you are over compensating for your unhealthy “bromance” with Tom Brady’s reply to the media; “are you a cheater?”, “UM, I don’t think so.” We already know Brady, Bilicheck, and the entire Patriots organization are cheaters – a fact that the NFL proved even before deflategate, so I’m just wondering if screaming and foaming at the mouth while pointing at Peyton Manning yelling, “YEAH, BUT LOOK WHAT HE DID AS A TEENAGER IN COLLEGE!” makes the sin of Tom Brady any less in your eyes? Seriously, did you go to college? If so, were you ever a member of anything organized like a sport or a club? (The Arbor Day Club and the Hop Scotch Team don’t count). Locker room shenanigans are a rite of passage for boys to become men. Rituals through out the history of mankind, are noted as RITES OF PASSAGE but frowned upon today as stupid. Let me guess, you come from a broken home, perhaps raised by your mother and your father was a no show, so you’re gender confused and don’t quite understand how men act, right? Whatever the history of your child rearing is, your writing betrays all you try to hide. Jealousy and judgment are quality traits coveted by cowards. Congratulations, now turn in your man card.

    • Patskrieg says:

      The most depressing part about this article is learning how many rape culture apologists I share this sport with. If you think a half PSI difference in football air pressure is worse than forcibly putting your nutsack on a woman then you sir, are not a man.

    • Murf says:

      David, You have 0 proof of any cheating supposed to have been done by the Pats !
      A big ZERO !! Sin of Tom Brady, now your a priest ?
      Rights of passage? You need to wake up to this decade..
      FYI, If you’re talking about spy gate, another bs accusation, All teams file other teams, just so happened the pat crew doing the filming were actually in the wrong area, big deal..

  25. Ben says:

    Man, people are really ignorant. Try mentioning the settlement Peyton had to dish out to die hard Bronco’s fan and they will look clueless. People are trying to defame Cam Newton character, yet if he had something like that on his record the amount of people writing him off as rapist would be insurmountable. The double standard is real. I didn’t think the point of this article was to be unbiased, rather, it is to see Peyton Manning from a different perspective. Great QB regardless. Great article!

  26. Pats fans will cry about anything apparently…

  27. Perhaps the assault and harassment case at the University of Tennessee will have a longer ride in the media now that legal documentation is in the public domain. The Internet is written in ink, and sometimes even carved in stone.

  28. Beth says:

    If any of this is true, and that is a questionable if, Peyton Manning is still twice the man that Tom Brady wants to be. Is this suppose to a me is immediately fall in love with Tom Brady? That will never happen.

    • Patskrieg says:

      You can feel however you want about Brady. It’s a free country. The fats on Manning are not a matter of opinion. It’s public record. I’m sorry your hero got caught teabagging a woman against her will. It should make you feel great as a woman to defend an act of sexual assault.

  29. Heath says:

    Sorry but winning a Super Bowl doesn’t determine a players place in history. Gale Sayers…Jim Brown…Barry Sanders…Eric Dickerson…Dan Marino…Dick Butkus and many more never got a ring. You’re just salty because the Broncos Beat that ass…twice. Get over it, Peyton was better.

    • Patskrieg says:

      Not “a Super Bowl.” Four Super Bowls. Kiss the rings.

      • Deedee says:

        I dont think he regrets anything. He has fame and money,and destroyed a woman’s life.

        He is a loser, I hope he is shamed like Cosby and Clinton. Destroyed.himself. Robbins is also a loser. Good for her for suing when she should. Manning violated an agreement.

  30. Denton says:

    That is the stupidest article I’ve ever read in my 41 years of life.

  31. Shane Stevenson says:

    Irsay wasn’t the person who complained about how the Pats’ manhandling of the Colts’ receivers in the 2003 AFCCG; it was then-Colts GM and Competition Committee member Bill Polian.

    Also, the 2006 rule about defenders no longer hitting the QB’s knees/lower legs unless if it’s coming off a block is called the “Carson Palmer Rule”, after Bengals QB Carson Palmer tore his knee after Steelers DT Kimo von Oelhoffen accidentally hit Palmer’s leg in the 2005 Wild Card. Roethlisberger and the Bucs’ Brian Griese suffered similar injuries as well during that season. Even after the Palmer Rule, all of the hits would still be legal, since they’re coming off of blocks.

    The “Brady Rule” (added in the 2009 season) everyone likes to talk about was a clarification/modification/addition to the Palmer Rule, stating that defenders on the ground can’t lunge or dive at the QB’s knees/lower legs (which Pollard’s hit was).


    Someone is butthurt they lost the afc championship huhh

    • Patskrieg says:

      I can’t change the outcome of the AFCCG. But I can make dingleberries like you cry by reminding everyone that Peyton Manning got away with sexual assault.

      • Like dudeman said earlier in the comments, clearly you have never been in a locker room… that is, an area for grown ass men to change in and out of equipment. Maybe girls shouldn’t be in that position at all, that sounds sexist, but that’s why we have separate restrooms?

      • You are the only one crying, and I’m betting its cuz your team lost….. boo-hoo lil baby!!

      • Patskrieg says:

        Actually I’m enjoying a nice evening with my family. You came to a 2 year old blog article that’s has nothing to do with the 2015 AFCCG, to talk about the 2015 AFCCG. I can’t help you with that, and I can’t help you that your hero is a sex offender. Thanks for reading though, I appreciate it.

  33. “by reminding everyone that Peyton Manning got away with sexual assault.”

    You can remind people of your LIE about Peyton until your blue in the face. Even thought Peyton was Never so much as charged, sued, or found guilty of anything resembling “sexual assault”! Nor was he even accused of anything resembling “sexual assault” until Jamie Naughright CHANGED her STORY 7 years after her original complaint, to now include physical contact! If you choose to take the lone word of an unscrupulous, gold-digging, litigious woman and proven liar, as evidence of “sexual assault”, by a renowned man of unquestionable character and honor, then you can expect anyone listening to your opinion will dismiss it as nothing more than slanderous and spiteful garbage.

    • Patskrieg says:

      I could also take the word of the eye witness who had no financial motivation to say Manning did it, but did in a signed letter and hasn’t changed his story in 20 years. Good luck with your stroke, dumbass.

  34. m8gaman says:

    Props to you for not only speaking the truth but also taking on all the Manning lover’s rage-mail. I for one applaud this double standard free pass of Manning shennanigans while trying to crucify Brady over a paltry .5 psi, but I guess that’s how intelligent people are these days.

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