Mike Klis Is A Hypocrite & The Denver Media Is Just Hard To Watch

It’s been a real pleasure to deal with the Denver Press in 2 of the last 3 post seasons. From the team that was nailed for salary cap violations and signal stealing dusting off Spygate (again), to the latest fairy tale of kindly “Uncle Foxy’s” heart breaking for his team, it’s just been a blast interacting with maybe the least knowledgeable sports journalism town without an office in New Jersey. As funny as it is, it’s really just hard to watch.

Hey… Remember 2 years ago, when the Patriots hired offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to help with the 2011 playoff run and the Denver media turned into one big long Morrisey song crying their eyes out? I do. Denver had a serious ethical dilemma with a team hiring a guy who had some first hand knowledge of a playoff opponent. I say some because McDaniels had been removed from Denver for an entire season and a half. McDaniels was fired Dec 7th, 2010. The game in question was January 14th, 2012. I’ll stop there because I wrote about it in depth, back when it actually happened. Hiring a coach that late is a little strange, but well within the NFL rules. In fact, it was reviewed that off season by the competition committee who actually declined to change the rule.

Here is what Denver Post writer Mike Klis had to say about it before the game:

It’s two years later and New England and Denver find themselves head to head again in the playoffs. Two days after officializing an AFCCG matchup against New England the Broncos made a very interesting free agent signing in former Patriots DB/ST Marquice Cole. I have no beef with this move. Cole is a very good special teamer and has playoff experience as a DB. He’s young with a limited skill set and should absolutely, as Aqib Talib put it “Get that check, baby.”

But wait a minute. Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing Mike Klis fell to his knees and begged the league to outlaw? Isn’t this a blow to fairness and competition? Isn’t this more of an underhanded “so Belichick” kind of move rather than an Uncle Foxy night of bouncing Shannon Sharpe on his knee at the deaf orphan soup kitchen? A guy with inside knowledge of one team catching on with another team just before they go to battle? Won’t someone please think of the children?!

In a shock to absolutely no one, Klis was singing a different tune this time around.

You love that there’s not much he can do to help out?? What happened Denver? What happened Patriots haters? What happened “spirit of fair competition? Did you somewhere in the last 2 years accept the concept that not everything is the Kennedy assassination? That you can actually figure out things about a football team by watching them play? Where’s the outrage that burned so prominently and attention-grabbing-ly two years ago?

The only thing that’s different about the two situations is that Cole has actually been to a Patriots practice THIS YEAR and could tell you about the team the Patriots fielded THIS YEAR. McDaniels knew next to nothing about a completely remodeled offense and defense from his time in Denver. Figuring out the present Broncos was nothing that, as Cole points out and Klis just loooooves, couldn’t be figured out just by scouting and film. This should put into perspective just how petty and ridiculous the McDaniels crying was, what a troop of hypocrites and click-baiters Mike Klis and the Denver Post are, and just how sad it is to see a grown man whimper about a double standard because it doesn’t work out for his football team.

For the record Denver fans have been a little testy about the Patriots grabbing Greg Orton a WR released from the Denver practice squad. Orton was signed on Dec 31st, before there was ever even a guarantee that the two teams would meet. Kudos to Mike Klis for having the self control not to write another scathing op-ed, although in all fairness judging by his demonstrated football I.Q. Klis probably has no idea who is on the Denver practice squad.

P.S. A sincere thank you to everyone who has been sharing and reading my last piece on the truth about Peyton Manning. It more than doubled my all time record for views in a day and is somehow still going strong. It’s an honor for this hack amateur know-nothing blogger to think that anyone gets a few minutes of enjoyment out of what I write. Please feel free to follow the Patskrieg Facebook for more frequent updates.

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