Why Did Official Not Hand the Jets Another Free Field Goal?

My congratulations to NJ.com’s Dom Cosentino, a Jet’s “beat writer” who found a way to get himself a nice chunk of web traffic for a story that will be forgotten by the end of the day since it was debunked before noon. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Cosentino made a nice score for NJ.com (which I’m assuming is a site intended to house FAQs for “What’s that smell?” and “Can I mix coffee milk and whey protein?”) and did his job observing something most people didn’t. He also covered his bases by correctly observing that the Jets didn’t play well enough to win… because they didn’t. I’m not here to vilify Cosentino, I’m more out to counter troll. The Jets fanbase looking for a controversy is looking for nothing more than sympathy for not being granted another teeball do-over to celebrate on their way to another failed season missing the playoffs.

For anyone looking for a rebuttal to the Patriots hater on your Facebook wall sharing this bunk without reading it consider the following.

  • IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Officials re-adjust players on the field constantly. As cited above the NFL has accurately recognized that this is standard procedure. If you are arguing otherwise you are either brand new to football or you are roleplaying D&D NFL Conspiracy Edition. We’ve all seen this happen before and no one raised an eyebrow before a slow news day on a Friday with Jets fans looking for sympathy. Receivers check in with the side judges who nudge them into formation. DB’s check in with officials who warn them about holding penalties before they’re called. If you claim you’ve never seen this before you are lying.
  • The Jets got a gimmie win in their annual October Super Bowl last year at the hands of Jerome Boger, a Foot Locker aficionado universally recognized as one of the 3 worst officials in the NFL. You all know the situation. Boger broke out a rule that no one had ever heard of and that was never enforced again in the total 256 games played in the season across the NFL or since then. The only we learned from this debacle is not to mess with whatever loan shark that Boger is presumably still mixed up with that has him tanking games on purpose to keep his thumbs from getting Soprano-ed. You got your free win, Jets fans. Don’t be greedy. If you’re wondering why the officials did what they did what you’re really wondering is why they didn’t roll out the red carpet and give the Jets the Stonecutters “Another Strike for the Chosen One!” treatment… AGAIN. This game was on the level. You lost. Just face it.
  • It’s a moot point entirely because the LB wouldn’t have even been there for the snap. Hightower would have cleared out as soon as the tackles shifted inside… the thing that they planned for the sake of blocking the field goal… which worked. If Hightower had been standing there not only would it have been good for a flag, but he also would have been in the way of Chris Jones the guy who actually blocked the field goal. Profootballtalk even recognized this in it’s usual backhanded way.
  • If I’m a Jets fan I’d probably be wondering why a 58 yard field goal had a trajectory low enough that 6’1″ 309 lb Chris Jones was able to block it? If you look at the replay he didn’t get an especially amazing push inside, and was even on the decent from his jump when the ball hit his hand. Nothing against Jones but he’s not Manute Bol.
  • Geno Smith played a gutsy game, and gained a morsel of respect from Patriots fans for getting up and finishing the game after a knee injury in the 3rd. Realistically, he exploited a Patriots defense that was unprepared on a short week for Marty Mornhinweg’s goofball offense. The linebackers struggled to stay disciplined and shade outside on the read option and the Jets capitalized. Smith straight up missed the throw to Jace Amaro on the 2 point conversion though. They drew coverage against Patrick Chung who just physically cannot cover linebackers. Teams that “deserve to win” don’t blow 2 point conversions with the game on the line. It’s that simple.
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