31 Reasons To Get Off Your High Horse, NFL

I should be talking about the Super Bowl right now. I should be absorbed in Brady vs the LOB.  I should be witnessing one of the great back and forth press battles of our time. I should be watching Richard Sherman cut a Road Warriors promo to the press right now. I should be watching Belichick silently seethe in response while you know he’s hatching the the most vicious gameplan of his career in revenge. I should be talking about the Super Bowl but I’m talking about air… in a football.

And as usual with a Patriots scandal 31 other teams, teams that hire criminals, run by tax cheating buttheads, that cut corners and cheat in the background, all line up to play innocent. Well today, let’s pretend not all of us are football tourists. Some of us have been following this game every day for years and know that there’s enough dirty laundry on all 32 franchises right out there in the open. Well here’s a quick list that took a whole lot less effort to research than you’d think. If your response is “Yeah but the Patriots…” the Pats get theirs 24/7 on every news outlet there is. This is about sharing the love. Enjoy.

UPDATE: The response from football fans both inside and outside of Patriots Nation has been overwhelming. Thank you everyone who has read this with an open mind, shared it, or posted suggestions. I’m still entertaining comments about how I’m making all this up (nope), or that I’m a hypocrite (the first 2 paragraphs recognize that the Patriots have also been disciplined for illegal behavior) or that this has nothing to do with PSIgate. All 32 teams have a black mark on their record,and have no superior ground to stand on. That’s the crux of my argument. Stamp your feet and cry all you want. These are things that happened. Also please stop posting analogies to Obama or dumb Teaparty rhetoric. I’m not interested.

The Miami Dolphins

  • Physically and mentally harassed one of their own players into a mental institution. How a professional adult sports team, the epitome of jock-dom, manages a bullying scandal will be one of the great mysteries of our time.
  • Accidentally revealed that Mike Pouncey’s house was the chill spot for the team to do drugs..
  • Cheated to sign former coach Don Shula by tampering with the then Baltimore Colts employee. Found guilty of tampering and stripped of a first round pick.
  • The organization’s public unwillingness to follow tampering rules was the impetus for free agent reform. In 2008 the Phins signed guard Justin Smiley, contract written, detailed, printed and signed just 17 minutes after midnight.
  • Center Mike Pouncey endorsed a murderer cut by the Patriots.

The New Jersey Jets

Buffalo Bills

Baltimore Ravens

  • Hot Off the Presses! Ravens Terrence Cody under investigation for animal cruelty.
  • Gave Ray Rice the most minimal punishment possible for punching his fiance, hoping the whole thing would go away. Only cut the despicable RB when the video of the domestic violence incident went viral and essentially forced the team’s hand. Remains one of the most disgraceful incidents in league history and a black eye on the league for life.
  • Remember all of Terrell Sugg‘s repeat domestic abuse incidents? Me either.
  • Accidentally let it slip that the team used bounties, specifically with Steelers WR Hines Ward.
  • Ray Lewis never actually murdered anyone. I refuse to perpetuate this myth. His cowardice in refusing to identify a murderer to the police is another story.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Hot Off the Presses! Former QB Jeff Blake (who also played for the Jets, Saints, Cardinals, Ravens and Bears) admitted to deflating footballs throughout his entire career and divulged that “every team does it, every game, it has been since I played.” For reference sake, Blake’s career record was 39-61, again proving that air in a football is just about meaningless terms of in winning or losing a game.
  • Accused by the Steelers of intentionally injuring Steelers RB LeVeon Bell before the 2014 playoffs. Reggie Nelson is an excellent safety, and I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt but the hit was low, and happened to be on the Steelers top offensive weapon.
  • A former Bengals cheerleader pleaded guilty to statutory rape after having sex with one of her 17 year old English students.
  • LB Vontaze Burfict was fined $25,000 for a pair of shots on Carolina Panthers players in 2014 including wrenching Cam Newton’s surgically repaired ankle.
  • FOURTEEN arrests since 2009. The charges for only 2 of them were dropped. More than one incident belonged to Pacman Jones, and the best involved OT Andre Smith attempting to bring a loaded gun on a plane.

Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

  • Long time employer of Jeff Fischer, one of the dirtiest coaches of all time, routinely known to target opposing players. The culminated with Albert Haynesworth stomping on Cowboy’s lineman Andre Gurode’s face with his helmet off. Gurode received 30 stitches under his eye and considered filing criminal assault charges.
  • The Titans own the best highlights of Pacman Jones’ criminal years. Jones faced two felony charges for a fight he started outside a night club that left one victim paralyzed from the waist down
  • In 1994, the franchise’s much more notable Oilers days, defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan punched offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride in the head on the sidelines on national television.
  • Everyone has seen the video of former owner Bud Adams celebrating a win by flipping off the stadium. He and division rival owner Jim Irsay, in one of my favorite rich old white guy stories, were thrown out of a restaurant for flipping off the waitress, and then everyone else on their way out… Actually Bud Adams was pretty awesome. RIP Bud.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Former first round pick Matt Jones charged with felony cocaine possession.
  • Coach Jack Del Rio invented the ridiculous mantra of “Keep Chopping Wood.” It involved an actual axe and a pile of wood to chop that eventually got punter Chris Hansen chopped in the leg with an axe. His season was over.
  • Thought by many in the league to be purposely running the most incompetent anemic football team possible that never spends money on useful free agents or shows any scouting ability whatsoever in an effort to sink the team and move it to anywhere else but Jacksonville, Florida.

Denver Broncos

San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders

  • Accused by all-time Raiders great Tim Brown of sabotaging their own team in Super Bowl XXXVII. It’s cheating in reverse, so of course the Raiders pioneered it.
  • Former owner Al Davis cost both the team and the NFL millions years of frivolous lawsuits.
  • Linebacker and confirmed steroid user Bill Romanowski attacked a teammate in practice: an act speculated to be the result of “roid rage.” His teammate was injured so badly he was forced to retire.
  • In a preseason game against the Patriots in 1977 safety Jack Tatum delivered a vicious hit to the head of Daryl Stingley that left him paralyzed for life. Tatum was said to have refused to apologize for the hit up until Stingley’s death in 2007.

Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins

New York Giants

  • Caught cheating and epitomized the fake injury scandal by accidentally having two players fake injuries at the same time to gain extra timeouts.
  • Accused of cheating against the Vikings in 2001 with somehow knowing the Vikings offensive plays in a 41-0 victory. Completely unsubstantiated and untrue, but hey so was the allegedly taped Super Bowl walkthrough that the media pretends to forget never actually happened.
  • I won’t even mention Plaxico Burress getting shot by a pair of sweatpants. How about instead safety Will Hill who had to be taken to court over $9,000 in owed child support (at the time Hill had a base salary of almost $400,000 with the Giants).
  • All time Giants great Lawrence Taylor (also of crack cocaine and rape of a 16 year old prostitute) admitted to colorfully cheating by sending prostitutes to opposing players hotel rooms the night before games to tire them out. That’s some admirable low-tech old school cheating.
  • Signed convicted sex offender Christian Peter after he was cut by the Patriots due to previously undisclosed rape accusations. Two women claimed to have been raped by Peters, one of which was bought off for $50,000 by the University of Nebraska. The remaining victim approached Myra Kraft with her story, and the Patriots cut him before even putting him on the field.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Responsible for bringing dog killing sociopath Michael Vick back into the league after minimum jail time and zero expressed remorse for torturing and killing animals. The team promoted the false notion that having a good season somehow meant that he had become a better person.
  • Caught cheating in 1989 as head coach Buddy Ryan promoted a bounty system against the division rival Dallas Cowboys, coaching his players to purposely injure key opponents. Ryan was let go by the team a year later and has generally been known as a living joke in the NFL.
  • Got a helping hand from PA Senator Arlen Specter in 2008 who went on a crusade to legislate against the Patriots for an unsubstantiated cheating claim in Super Bowl XXXIX. The effort soon fell apart and earned the disdain of Pennsylvania residents when the whole thing turned out to be Specter lobbying in favor of Comcast (involved in a dispute with the NFL at the time, and had paid hundreds of thousands in campaign donations to Specter), costing tax payers untold amounts on money.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina Panthers

Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints

  • I don’t hate the Saints, and rooted for them in the Super Bowl. However, I don’t care what any blogger or clearance rack athlete turned “broadcaster” says the intent to injure (not hurt, injure) a fellow athlete, to cost them the right to earn a living by destroying their knees or head is the lowest thing an athlete can do. Stealing signals or messing with a football isn’t even in the same galaxy. Even the big mouth asshole from the Cobra Kai broke down and apologized when he went low on Daniel-Son. These are things so ingrained in our collective humanity that they need no further explanation. There is NO comparison between letting air out of a gameball and costing a fellow player his career. None.

Green Bay Packers

Chicago Bears

Minnesota Vikings

  • Caught cheating in 2014 by tampering with game balls, heating them on the sidelines. In yet ANOTHER example of how little this matters the league didn’t even punish or fine them for it.
  • The Viking Sex Boat Scandal, which is exactly what it sounds like. In 2005 a bunch of players rented a party boat full of strippers/prostitutes. The evening culminated in OT Bryant McKinnie allegedly performing oral sex on a stripper/prostitute in front of his teammmates. Hell of a team building exercise, but who am I to judge?
  • Employs homophobe special teams coach Mike Priefer, quoted as saying “We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows” as part of an insane quest to blacklist the franchise’s all time leading punter.
  • During a search of his bags at the airport in 2005 Vikings RB Onterrio Smith was found with several vials of dried urine in a device known as The Whizzinator. The device was designed to be able to beat drug tests. Smith already had two strikes against him for substance abuse policy violations, and later failed another drug test in spite of the Whizzinator, ending his time in the NFL.
  • Say what you want about Adrian Peterson’s choice to discipline his children. But only a year ago another man beat Peterson’s other two year old son to death. If that doesn’t alter your opinion of laying your hands on a child at least a little then there’s something wrong with you.

Detroit Lions

Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis Rams

  • Former Ram Leonard Little was convicted of manslaughter after a drunk driving accident killed a woman in St. Louis.
  • Graduated RB Marshall Faulk who you would never know actually won a Super Bowl because he won’t shut the hell up about the Super Bowl he lost. Still accuses the Patriots of cheating based off a red zone series that never actually happened. Super Bowl XXXVI is available on youtube in it’s entirety if you want to see how sloppy play against a devastating defense lost the game for St. Louis.

San Francisco 49ers

  • Hot Off the Presses! NFL legend Jerry Rice, one of the most outspoken critics of the Patriots and their legacy, admitted to cheating by using illegal stickum on his gloves to get a better grip on the ball. Just one day before the Deflategate story broke Rice discussed the evolution of the receiver glove on ESPN and laughed about his own willing circumvention of the rules. Rice was one of my favorite players of all time but has carried himself as a disgraceful crybaby the past few weeks and really any time anyone has come close to his former achievements. You can put him down as a hypocrite now too.
  • Violated salary cap rules in the late 90’s. Finally busted for it in 2000 (well after all the Super Bowls had been won) and fined a collective $300,000 and loss of two mid-round picks over 2 drafts.
  • Former owner Eddie DeBartolo was banned from active control of the franchise for a year in his involvement in an extortion scandal. He plead guilty and was fined $1 million.
  • Were accused of cheating throughout their dominant run in the 1980’s.
  • Forced to apologize for homophobe Chris Culliver’s idiotic comments. No apology yet for his awful play in the Super Bowl.
  • Lost Aldon Smith (who could be the best defensive player in the league if he got it together) for lengthy parts of 2013 & 2014 for substance abuse treatment, a series of drug and alcohol related arrests and nearly being charged with a felony for claiming to have a bomb in an airport.
  • So inept at negotiating Michael Crabtree’s rookie contract that a month into the 2009 season, with Crabtree still unsigned 80’s pop start M.C. Hammer had to be brought in to delegate the final details of the contract. You cannot make this shit up. Many would argue that Crabs has not been worth the trouble.

Seattle Seahawks

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232 Responses to 31 Reasons To Get Off Your High Horse, NFL

  1. Mary Paule says:

    Arlen Specter was a PA United States Senator, not the Governor.
    You also didn’t mention how Peyton Manning wasn’t on the injury report for 4 weeks in Denver this year.

  2. steve says:

    Cool story, bro…two words: Aaron Hernandez. In your LONG list of the “thugs” other teams employ, or USED TO, you conveniently forgot to mention AARON HERNANDEZ…I wonder why that is…hmmmm

    • This was addressed in the opening, bro. The Pats are reminded of Hernandez every day along with Spygate, and now the balls thing. This was for the other 31 teams and their fans that think they’re untouchable. And also Hernandez was cut immediately after being arrested. The team didn’t sit on their hands and wonder how they could skirt the issue until it blows over a la Ray Rice or Greg Hardy.

      • Matt says:

        How about you limit your list to things that affect an actual game? This had to be one of the most rediculous articles ever.
        Please tell me how Jerry Jones grabbing his crotch affects the game on the field like, I don’t know, altering footballs.

        Also, Chris Klewe was a punter, not a quarterback, not a scientist. Literally everything you post should be weighed on one question – did this have a direct action on a game like doctoring a football?
        Another straw man argument – the Pats are hounded with the story. Well yeah, if you were under investigation by the league for doctoring footballs, and you are caught doctoring footballs, you cheated. #facereality instead of flinging poo trying to distract.

        I would love to hear this conversation.
        “Hey the Pats are cheaters. ”
        “Well Seattle had a player who did drugs. ”
        “Okay but the Pats cheated with spygate and probably doctored footballs.”
        “Brian Cushing did PEDS.”
        “Okay but yall still cheated. Can you admit that?”
        “Rogers likes a football pumped to the max. “

      • The point is that the Patriots have been uniquely targeted as a team of low character. Given the evidence, low character isn’t especially unique in the NFL. That’s why this isn’t limited to things that happen on the field.

        Chris Kluwe may have just been a lowly punter but he’s actually handled game balls in live NFL games and experienced the effects of balls of different consistencies. You haven’t. I haven’t. Bill Nye hasn’t. I’m sorry if this is the “worst article ever” to you because it’s things that actually happened instead of a bunch of accusations and hypothetical ponderings from broadcasters who need to fabricate intrigue and conflict to stay in business. I’m sorry if for once your voice is the dissonant one and isn’t backed up by 100 comments of “LOL Belicheat 18-1!!!” giving you the false impression that you’re right. The Patriots were punished for Spygate. There’s no getting around that. They saw a coach giving out signals that the other 100,000 people at the stadium could also see and put a camera on him. If that’s cheating, then yes, the Patriots cheated. They are not alone in pushing the limits to gain a competitive advantage. They are not alone doing things that violate the idealized notion of professional sports. That is the point here. There is no team in the league that has a right to take an ethical high ground against the Patriots. I’m sorry if that gives you a case of the frowns. I can’t help you.

    • russ says:

      your wrong he did

    • because unlike Baltimore keeping thugs on their team for life,butt smoke they cut his ass ,immediately So here is a big cup of shut the fuck up.

    • Bill says:

      You conveniently skimmed the article. When talking about the Falcons he states…. “if Patriots get Hernandez on their list then certainly the Falcons get Vick too” (sic)

    • Liz says:

      Not only did the Patriots cut Hernandez within the day of being arrested (it was within hours of) they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars allowing fans with Hernandez jerseys exchange them for other players of their choice.

    • GoPats says:

      That’s because his story is about the other 31 teams. But he actually DID mention him in the beginning.

  3. T says:

    God bless you and F the NFL

  4. ratmice1 says:

    Thanks for compiling this. Quite eye-opening to see all in one place.

  5. Jean says:

    Amen! Your section about the NO Saints is exactly how I feel. And those crazies who are calling for the Pats to forfeit their spot in the SB or that TB and/or Belichick need to be banned from the SB are out of their minds.

    • Brian says:

      Better than the idiot calling for a congressional hearing on another forum. LOL
      Relative importance or common sense is meaningless to blind haters.

      • Anyone calling for government time to investigate sports should be hung for treason.

      • Dave says:

        I actually e-mail Arlen Specter when he was talking about a congressional investigation of the Patriots congratulating him on balancing the budget, eliminating the national debt, and reforming social security because if Congress had time to investigate football games, surely these issues must have been solved. He replied that since I was not a registered voter in Pennsylvania, he could not help me.

      • Sounds like a great guy.

  6. Brandon says:

    Didn’t the 49ers get caught manipulating the cap in 95

    Broncos player put vasiline on his jersey during the Super Bowl championship years

    Colts owner Jim Irsay busted for DUI and narcotics by police just last year.

    Just wanted to contribute and add to the list. I’m sharing the crap out of this till this (deflate gate) blows over

  7. Kelly says:

    Thanks for putting this all in one place. The level of hypocrisy and self-righteousness on display this week is appalling. Watching Hines Ward last night on Seth Meyers was gag-inducing, the peer-voted “dirtiest player in the nfl” and he of the DUI that got plead down. At least Seth had the guts to admit that perhaps he and Hines were a tad bitter about ’01 and ’04.

    And then there’s Mark Brunell, who clearly never got over the defeat by Bledsoe and the Pats in the AFC title game. He backtracked and contradicted himself on the radio today, but really, the whole thing is just sad.


  8. Mark Arnold says:

    Nice investigative reporting. Your next mission: Find out why ESPN has suddenly removed their Sport Science – Deflategate (“Video No Longer Available”). http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12207314

  9. normlawr says:

    Good article with lots of facts. Could have used less “football language” to get your points across though. I’m ticked too, but don’t have to resort to locker room talk to get my point across.

  10. Mini says:

    I’m sorry did I miss Ben getting charged with rape or going to jail? How can you say he did it when he was never found guilty?

  11. Conor says:

    The Vikings, you forgot the Whizzinator!

  12. Jovan Belcher – Chiefs player who killed his family then drove to the stadium and shot himself in front of Romeo Crennel.

    Easily one of the bigger stories of the last few years – and again if Hernandez counts against the Pats, that has to count against the Chiefs.

  13. biglou417 says:

    Loved this but you forgot the Colts intentionally losing games to secure Andrew Luck

  14. rkpatslover says:

    This was one of the better pieces ive read exposing issues league wide. Haters gonna Hate, but should realize how hypocritical they are. I would like this link to be posted to the espn comments section for all the individual who are all about the “integrity” of the game, and how the Pats are ruining it singlehandedly. Maybe they should clean up their own yards first. I would post it to the espn site but due to “integrity” don’t have a facebook account. Great Work! STAND STRONG PATRITOT NATION!

  15. Miles says:

    Very nice piece. Like you I am sick and tired of the same old song and dance with the Pats taking heat because the rest of the NFL is ticked they can’t be as consistently dominant as Tommy Terrific and Bill.

  16. Dennis says:

    So the Patriots feel they’re being unjustly vilified by the haters. So what? Suffice it to say that everyone in the NFL has their skeletons. You can pick and choose what you will. The Pats beat the Colts. Who care about under inflated footballs. The Seahawks pull off arguably the most amazing comeback in NFL history and punish the Packers in the last 5 minutes of the game. But the bottom line, regardless of any improprieties, is the final score when the clock shows 0:00.

  17. Lisa says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will be posting your link for every single hater comment I get. It’s perfect. Did I say “Thank you”?

  18. Brian White says:

    Nice piece bro! I appreciate the consolidation. It’s difficult to debate with homer fans of other teams when you yourself don’t have the facts readily available. Thank you.

  19. Adam Fowlie says:

    Good stuff here. Also, the Texans “missed” a FG to secure the #1 pick of Mario Williams

  20. Ben says:


    I’d add:
    Steeler taking out Carson palmers knee.
    49er Aldon Smith saying he had a bomb on the plane.
    Bill Romanowski breaking Meggetts finger for a fumble.
    Atlanta CB getting busted for a hooker night before SB.
    Pretty sure Seahawks had more PED suspensions, at least Browner…

  21. Ben says:

    Jim irsays substance abuse
    Ricky Williams pot
    Pete Carroll’s college recruiting history
    Lawrence Phillips…
    Zach Thomas being wired to record pats’ snap count.

    • There is the same amount of evidence against Pete Carroll for recruiting violations as there is against Belichick for deflating footballs. Zero. Don be the like the ignorant Crygaters who cry about the Pats.

  22. JabbaTheJut says:

    GREAT imvestigative article!! Can you find anything about Don Shula’s Dolphins stealing/intercepting radio communications of visiting teams? I want to say it was 1985 (?)

    • Anything past 2000 gets exponentially more difficult to source on the internet alone. I’d have to do a lot of digging to find something credible on that but thanks. I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

  23. You let the Raiders off the hook far too easily. The 1970s Madden-era Raiders were the dirtiest team in the history of pro sports. This is a team whose actions left Daryl Stingley paralyzed for life as a result of a dirty hit. A dirty hit in a meaningless preseason game. Yet John Madden is still considered the goofy old uncle with the video game.

  24. Wildcatz85 says:

    Dude. Great list and some awesome comments. Thanks for pointing out that this entire freaking league is filled with regular people who want to win and not a business check of holier-than-thou saints (New Orleans, or any other)

  25. Great stuff…but the Carolina Panthers play in North Carolina…not South Carolina. Go Patriots….the best teams are in the Super Bowl!

  26. Great stuff…go Pats! The best 2 teams are in the Super Bowl.

    Ps…the Panthers play in North Carolina…not South Carolina. 🙂

  27. David Langlais says:

    Excellent points! Couldn’t agree more about the Saints, Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick, and the Hernandez supporters, as well as several other key points. Hoping the Pats get, for lack of a better term in this shady NFL, vindicated because right now if they win the SB, then they “cheated to get there”, and if they lose then “they got what they deserved.” Hoping the league doesn’t make them scapegoats for their latest follies.

  28. B says:

    What about the Steelers, the salary cap crap of 1999 and their team doctor leaving the organization for involvement with PED’s last decade?

  29. Kelly says:

    Nice article. How about Aaron Rogers admitting he likes an over inflated football a couple weeks ago? And how he tries to get some extra psi by the refs.

  30. TimmyToonz says:

    Re: Jimmy Johnson and taping signals. He did admit it, but I wouldn’t say it was integral to the Cowboys success. Johnson said he did it for a while and gave up because it was a ton of work, for insignificant gain. That might explain why Herm Edwards is seen smiling and waving in an excerpt from one of the Pats’ tapes, rather than getting upset. Also, Mangini was just getting the Pats back for reporting his unauthorized camera (the actual infraction of “spygate” too) in the ’06 playoffs. A tit-for-tat little piece of gamesmanship that he thought would get a minimal, if any, punishment. Not hard to believe since he coached on their championship teams, so the “tarnishing” affected his legacy as well. People think the huge fine and loss of draft pick were due to the seriousness of the offense, but the reality was that Goodell was playing “new sheriff in town” coming down hard on PacMan Jones and others for various criminal and unethical activities that preseason, so the players’ union was insisting they come down hard on a coach and management too, when spygate broke. Not to mention public opinion, because these idiots all though it was baseball and stealing signals meant immediate deciphering and use in the same game- a virtually impossible feat and since the Pats had won titles, it HAD TO BE because of that. Even so, had the Pats not shrewdly traded in previous seasons to be in the position to posess two first round draft picks that year, most experts speculated they would otherwise have lost a second or third round pick, tops. And none of this was because anyone thought sideline taping was a huge deal, the severity came mostly because they had told Belichick and the league to stop (“the memo”), and he did it anyway. The severity wasn’t for the shrewdness of the “cheat tactic” but the stupidity of its brazen, in your face, defiant, and basically incompetent execution. Greatest cheater of all time? Puh-lease. It was a pigheaded move with minimal impact, and they’ve been riding him on a rail since. Ironic (or telling, in the vain of “thou doth protest too much) how Dungy went on and on about “tarnishing,” “reputation,” and “integrity”, yet Johnson also named the offensive line coach of the Colts in ’07, Howard Mudd, who I believe was with him in KC, as “the best in the business” at signal taping and analysis. Does anyone believe Coach “Integrity” himself was unaware of that talent, whether or not he utilized it, when he brought Mudd aboard?

  31. Chris Manzi says:

    Yeah, regarding the language, in the Vikings section you might want to change the wording to “performing oral sex on” or even better,”performing a sex act on”. We’ll still get the picture, and be able to share this otherwise excellent article with women that we respect.
    Nice job!

  32. suzy says:

    AMAZING article. So sick of hearing about this but worse idiots like Burnell and Aikman thinking this is the crime of the century. Clearly they wished they had Bradys career!
    Go Pats. #4

  33. Shawn says:

    Great article!

  34. Daryl says:

    Hey guess what? Most of these stories spent their time in the news too depending on their relevancy. Seems by your assertion that the Patriots should get special treatment and not have to face the music like all these other people did.

    • Chris Kluwe just wrote a great piece for Time about exactly what is discussed here. The outrage shown over something as trivial a slightly deflated ball is ridiculous in comparison to the real crimes that have become commonplace in the NFL world. I’d suggest working on your reading comprehension and giving Kluwe’s article a shot.

      • Matt says:

        Who decides it’s trivial? You? Instead of openly admitting the team violated league rules (their balls didn’t lose pressure during the second half), your response is “look what the other teams have done.” Well any parent will tell you that when their child tries to skirt responsibility, you just redirect them.
        I am looking forward to the ad hominem attacks.

      • Ha. I’ve had this exact conversation in reverse about 20 times this week. You’re of course correct; two wrongs don’t make a right. But when the majority opinion is that only team is capable of a massive wrong… well then here we are. As far as the triviality of the ball pressure… Chris Kluwe just wrote a piece for Time explaining how little it matters. Belichick held a press conference today after concluding in an experiment that his QBs couldn’t discern the difference between balls of regulation psi and a 1-2 lb per square inch difference. So there’s that.

  35. Gerry says:

    How about the Mark Chmura raping a baby sitter in the hot tub story. Awesome article

  36. thewiz2013 says:


  37. Jeff O'Connell says:

    Great article ! Now we hope all of the news outlets read this and get real ! ! ( and get off their high horse)

  38. Naz says:

    Loved this! Thank you thank you thank you. I kept hearing dribs and drabs on different radio/tv shows and some websites but you put it all together in one spot. This whole affair is more about showing how tough Roger Goodell is now after he screwed up last summer with the Ray Rice affair. Also you might add the recent coverup of the Goodell investigation. “Oh no, he never saw the video until it went viral”

  39. tjcat39 says:

    Kenny Britt. His list is as long as PAC MANS

  40. Steelers fan says:

    Go fuck yourself. Conjecture, %100

    • Tomlin (who I do admire as a coach) cheated on national TV and was fined appropriately. That’s not conjecture.

      • Dude says:

        Calling HInes Ward was the dirtiest WR for 13 years is an opinion not a fact. You could say that same thing about hundreds of other players. You should strike that statement

      • I had to read Sports Illustrated tell the world that the Patriots have a secret giant TV monitor that can only be seen from the Patriots side line. That’s not even an opinion, it’s a lie. So boo hoo if a giant list of facts has 1 opinion just for a laugh. Ward was a great receiver but he was definitely dirty when he wanted to be.

  41. Pingback: Patriots Haters Are Hypocrites: The Bible Proves It « Mix 104.1

  42. Willie says:

    yout multiple spelling errors throughout your article really turned me off. Additionally this really just sounds like a defensive article from a Patriots fan that can’t accept the truth. Your logic is flawed. This is like getting arrested, and saying that other people have been arrested for worse things so your arrest isn’t fair. Cheating is cheating my friend.

    • Criticizes my spelling. Opens the comment with a spelling error. Nice job.

    • scott says:

      “yout multiple spelling errors” lol

    • Brian says:

      Already fined for video taping, which was legal in prior years and still done from different locations. Investigation still unfinished, so jumping to conclusions. Scientifically explainable loss of PSI from 12.5 PSI to out of range based on ~30 degree change and football roughing. Colts footballs PSI dropped, but probably starting at 13.5 PSI, so stayed in range. Anyone check Rodgers footballs being over inflated the last time he played in hot San Diego? Haters like to forget things like competitive relevance except when talking about their own team or players. If you can’t beat them, drag them down to your level.

  43. j says:

    Great that you put this together! Don’t forget the forays of Jim Irsay, the person who manufactured this shitstorm w/ his lackey, Bob Kravitz, in the first place:



  44. Dude, excellent! This is the best article I’ve seen about this astoundingly over-hyped non-story.

  45. Kim Smith says:

    I feel better about the Pats, I think? Wow, the league is more corrupt than I thought. Way more. Great article.

  46. Cheese says:

    Niners paid players under the table for years to circumvent the salary cap. Got fined and docked draft picks in 2000.

  47. Paula says:

    Thank you! At last, a voice of reason! Been posting this to all the haters’ comments. You might want to add this: http://espn.go.com/blog/minnesota-vikings/post/_/id/11218/nfl-aware-of-game-ball-incident-during-panthers-vikings

  48. Josh says:

    Sam Hurd was on the Bears for like 12 games or something dude and all of his drug lord shit started when he was on the cowboys… in fact the majority of his shit was when he was with the cowboys. Can’t pin that on the Bears organization who had no idea it was going on. But its cool though, I understand you need to fill a few bullet points for each team.

  49. Stacey says:

    Excellent piece of work!

  50. Brian says:

    Wasn’t Peyton Manning accused of sexually assaulting a woman during his college years? Why didn’t you mention that?

  51. John boy says:

    The nfl sucks go pats and all the pats haters go and fuck your selves

  52. John boy says:

    This whole thing is a joke. It’s the dumbafication of America for all the people who believe this bs. Go pats best organization in the no good nfl

  53. TimmyToonz says:

    For You, Steelers fan:

  54. TimmyToonz says:

    Another tale buried:

    The basically fabricated Tomase article about the Pats taping a Rams walkthrough prior to SB XXXVI (where no one noticed anyone suspicious, or taping and never reported anything) made the rounds and continues to be accepted as truth, but it was the Pats who had actually filed the only official complaint to the NFL, regarding a telescope in a nearby house.

    Rational people would at least entertain the idea that a curious neighbor wanted to take a look. But let’s play the game and call the Rams “spies” even if they probably had nothing to do with it.

  55. Jo Inman says:

    very interesting read and thank you for bringing it to us-

  56. Jerry says:

    You forgot Michael Irvin’s cocaine bust, the Nate Newton marijuana smuggling, and Santonio Holmes being suspended for drug use the season he was the Super Bowl MVP.

  57. Maggie White says:

    Thank you for this article! We, the fans, have been robbed of what may have been the greatest Super Bowl to date. Why? Because of how much air may or may not have been in a few footballs! I’ve lived in Massachusetts all of my life and I’ve been a Patriot fan for over 40 years including the years that they played so bad people would put paper bags over their heads when they went to the games. Now that they’re one of the greatest teams in NFL history I can’t even enjoy their accomplishments because of what? AIR! I believe in this team and every single player that goes on that field week after week. Tom Brady has more integrity in his little finger than most players have in the whole body! I’m at the point where I don’t even want to watch the Super Bowl. What’s the point? The Patriots are in a no win situation. If they win it’s because they must have cheated and if they lose it’s because they got caught cheating. I’m just left shaking my head.

  58. Non-Hater says:

    “Our guy keeps a pair of binoculars on their
    signal-callers every game,” “With any luck, we have their defensive signals figured out by
    halftime. Sometimes, by the end of the first quarter.” – Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. 2002


  59. ... says:

    -Nick Novak peeing on the sideline
    -The Cowboys DT who was driving drunk and then killed his friend in an accident
    those are some other ones that happened

  60. Gail says:

    Thanks for a great article with actual citations. The definition of “news” used to be “stuff that’s true.” Now it’s “stuff that I speculate” or “stuff one mysterious source alleged”. I hope your article goes viral. And by the way, why aren’t we calling for Indianapolis reporter Kravitz’s head, since he broke this story by claiming that De’Quell Jackson gave the intercepted ball to his equipment guy, saying it was underinflated. He has since publicly denied he did anything of the kind, and further, didn’t notice anything about the ball. Even if it turns out that someone deliberately did something to the balls, Kravitz either made this up or broke every journalistic rule in the book. Scum bag.

  61. Sacto1654 says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t Browns backup QB Johnny Manziel’s very questionable actions in public–and this was before he was drafted by the Browns!

  62. Steve says:

    Could have missed it but I didnt see anything about Marvin Harrison and his gun troubles.

  63. Whatsrightisright says:

    I am so very happy that you took the time to write this! This has been the first news story on our local channels since the day after the Afc championship. Really is this the most important news there is. How much air is or isn’t in a football is not an earth shattering event! This is all because one reporter, so inaccurately reported a story without checking any facts and was taken for just his word. He could figure it all out, place blame and make accusations within hours of the game finishing. However it has taken a team, scientists and the league a week or more to prove this idiot reporter wrong. One person has enough power to take everyone’s attention off the world around them to concentrate on how many PSI are in a football this person should run for President. Every team as you have pointed out has their flaws! So much more serious than others. Each offensive should be dealt with from least serious to most serious! If your a pedophile,rapist,racist,murder,drug dealer, your name shouldn’t be on a football jersey instead your number should be on a prison uniform. If you take steroids, break the rules, swear, give the finger, then you need to sit out, give back some of that money you made and if you do it more than once we’ll find another job. I hope this opens the eyes of the league, coaches,players and the unions that is time for a clear set of rules and standards no in between of how these teams and players should act and be responsible to their fans and their cities. The league needs an overhaul!

    Thank You again for pointing out to all of us that the time for change is now!

  64. haileyannesdad says:

    If you really want to be taken seriously you should put all of pats cheating scandalls too. They would have a big rap sheet. But instead you want to be bias and defend the pats.

  65. Todd says:

    I get that there is a history of seeking advantage in the NFL. We’re told kickers are the worst about tampering with footballs. Even locked up they have found ways to get gunk on them. But clearly team leadership is playing cover on this. And that’s when we see consequences.

    When the Saints coaches were confronted on targeting high profile quarterbacks, they failed to shut it down and lied to the commissioner. So the Saints were penalized for Bountygate. When the Patriots were confronted on videotaping and providing intel, they failed to shut it down and lied to the commissioner. So the Patriots were penalized for Spygate.

    This should be a narrative dominated about the match-up of two titans. But I don’t just blame the Sport’s Illustrated write that pushed the story. The Patriot’s leadership shouldn’t have gotten drawn into this.

    Thanks for an awesome compilation. I had also drawn one together, but sourcing can be tough.

    A laundry list of complaints I’ve heard.
    Baltimore Ravens Faking challenges to rest defense
    Buffalo Bills Bounty
    Cincinnati Bengals High PEDs
    Dallas Cowboys Videotaping, Coach provided PEDs
    Denver Broncos Vaseline, Videotaping, Salary cap, Pot, high PEDs
    Detroit Lions Bounty
    Green Bay Packers Ball manipulation
    Houston Texans High PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts PA System Crowd Noise
    Miami Dolphins Contract tampering
    Minnesota Vikings Ball manipulation
    New England Patriots Videotaping, helmet radio , opposition playbooks /audibles, plowing field, fake injuries, contract manipulation, high PEDs, deflated balls
    New Orleans Saints Bounty
    New York Giants Faking injuries, ball manipulation, high PEDs
    New York Jets Coaching interference, videotaping, contract tampering
    Pittsburgh Steelers Team doctor provided steroids, Stickum
    San Diego Chargers Stickum
    San Francisco 49ers Salary cap manipulation
    St. Louis Rams High PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ball manipulations, labor violations
    Tennessee Titans Bounty
    Washington Redskins Bounty, High PEDs


    NFL suspensions sorted by team.
    Team Name Reason
    Arizona Cardinals Daryl Washington PEDs
    Arizona Cardinals Daryl Washington PEDs
    Atlanta Falcons Keith Newman PEDs
    Atlanta Falcons Matt Lehr PEDs
    Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick Dog fighting
    Atlanta Falcons Ray Buchanan PEDs
    Atlanta Falcons Ray Buchanan PEDs
    Atlanta Falcons Scott Davis PEDs
    Baltimore Colts Art Schlichter Gambling
    Baltimore Ravens Andy Moeller DUI
    Baltimore Ravens Asa Jackson PEDs
    Baltimore Ravens Asa Jackson PEDs
    Baltimore Ravens Cary Williams PEDs
    Baltimore Ravens David Reed PEDs
    Baltimore Ravens Haloti Ngata PEDs
    Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice Domestic violence
    Buffalo Bills Matt Jaworski PEDs
    Buffalo Bills Nigel Bradham PEDs
    Buffalo Bills Sean Doctor PEDs
    Buffalo Bills Shawn Nelson PEDs
    Buffalo Bills Tom Doctor PEDs
    Buffalo Bills Art Schlichter Gambling
    Carolina Panthers Brentson Buckner PEDs
    Carolina Panthers D.C. Jefferson PEDs
    Carolina Panthers Frank Alexander PEDs
    Carolina Panthers Frank Alexander PEDs
    Carolina Panthers Julius Peppers PEDs
    Chicago Bears Daimon Shelton PEDs
    Chicago Bears Gabe Miller PEDs
    Chicago Bears Henry Taylor PEDs
    Chicago Bears Jim Miller PEDs
    Chicago Bears Martellus Bennett Fighting
    Chicago Bears Maurice Douglass PEDs
    Chicago Bears Nate Collins PEDs
    Chicago Bears Obafemi Ayanbadejo PEDs
    Chicago Bears Terry “Tank” Johnson Violated probation
    Cincinnati Bengals Cedric Benson Assault
    Cincinnati Bengals Chris Henry Player conduct
    Cincinnati Bengals Chris Lewis-Harris PEDs
    Cincinnati Bengals DeQuin Evans PEDs
    Cincinnati Bengals Odell Thurman DUI
    Cincinnati Bengals Odell Thurmanl Missed drug test
    Cincinnati Bengals Stanley Wilson Cocaine
    Cleveland Browns Donte Stallworth DUI, manslaughter
    Cleveland Browns Joe Haden PEDs
    Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon Player conduct
    Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon PEDs
    Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon PEDs
    Cleveland Browns Kellen Winslow Player conduct
    Cleveland Browns Ryan Tucker PEDs
    Dallas Cowboys Adam “Pacman” Jones Assault
    Dallas Cowboys Jakar Hamilton PEDs
    Dallas Cowboys Josh Brent Manslaughter
    Dallas Cowboys Louis Cheek PEDs
    Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin PEDs
    Dallas Cowboys Orlando Scandrick PEDs
    Dallas Cowboys Wade Wilson PEDs
    Denver Broncos Adrian Madise PEDs
    Denver Broncos Joe Mays Illegal hit
    Denver Broncos Kenny Peterson PEDs
    Denver Broncos Lee Flowers PEDs
    Denver Broncos Matt Prater PEDs
    Denver Broncos Orson Mobley PEDs
    Denver Broncos Todd Sauerbrun PEDs
    Denver Broncos Von Miller PEDs
    Denver Broncos Wes Welker PEDs
    Detroit Lions Alex Karras Betting
    Detroit Lions C. J. Mosley Player conduct
    Detroit Lions Dominic Raiola Stomping on leg
    Detroit Lions Mikel Leshoure PEDs
    Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh Stomping
    Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh Stomping
    Detroit Lions Shaun Rogers PEDs
    Detroit Lions Tommy Bennett PEDs
    Free agent Aaron Berry 2 Arrests
    Free agent Andre Brown PEDs
    Free agent Brandon McDonald PEDs
    Free agent Brian Tyms PEDs
    Free agent Erin Henderson PEDs
    Free agent Jabar Gaffney Failure to report
    Free agent Jason Ferguson PEDs
    Free agent Kenard Lang PEDs
    Free agent Mike Cloud PEDs
    Free agent Odell Thurman PEDs
    Free agent Ryan Tucker PEDs
    Free agent Tim Couch PEDs
    Free agent Tom Zbikowski PEDs
    Green Bay Packers Charles Martin Body-slam
    Green Bay Packers Jude Waddy PEDs
    Green Bay Packers Keith Uecker PEDs
    Green Bay Packers Mike Ariey PEDs
    Green Bay Packers Paul Hornung Betting
    Houston Texans Antonio Smith Swinging helmet
    Houston Texans Brett Hartmann PEDs
    Houston Texans Brian Cushing PEDs
    Houston Texans DeMingo Graham PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts Erik Walden Headbutting
    Indianapolis Colts Jim Irsay DUI
    Indianapolis Colts LaRon Landry PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts LaVon Brazill PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts LaVon Brazill PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts Robert Mathis PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts Trent Richardson Failure to report
    Indianapolis Colts Weslye Saunders PEDs
    Indianapolis Colts Weslye Saunders PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars Ace Sanders PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars Justin Blackmon PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars Justin Blackmon PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars LaRoy Reynolds PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars Marcus Stroud PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars Matt Jones PEDs
    Jacksonville Jaguars T. J. Slaughter PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs Donald Stephenson PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs Dwayne Bowe PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs Dwayne Bowe PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs John Welbourn PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs Lewis Bush PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs Rokevious Watkins PEDs
    Kansas City Chiefs Tamba Hali PEDs
    Los Angeles Raiders Mark Mraz PEDs
    Los Angeles Rams Leroy Irvin PEDs
    Los Angeles Rams Vernon Kirk PEDs
    Miami Dolphins David Boston PEDs
    Miami Dolphins Derrick Shelby Player condut
    Miami Dolphins Dion Jordan PEDs
    Miami Dolphins Dion Jordan PEDs
    Miami Dolphins Don Jones Player conduct
    Miami Dolphins Reshad Jones PEDs
    Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito Player conduct
    Miami Dolphins Ricky Williams PEDs
    Miami Dolphins Sammy Morris PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Player conduct
    Minnesota Vikings Artie Ulmer PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Bob Sapp PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Byron Chamberlain PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings DeMarcus Love PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Jerome Felton PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Kevin Williams PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Mike Priefer Hate speech
    Minnesota Vikings Ray Edwards PEDs
    Minnesota Vikings Spencer Nealy PEDs
    New England Patriots Brandon Bolden PEDs
    New England Patriots Chuck Fairbanks Breach contract
    New England Patriots Jermaine Cunningham PEDs
    New England Patriots Rodney Harrison PEDs
    New Orleans Saints Anthony Hargrove Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Gregg Williams Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Hollis Thomas PEDs
    New Orleans Saints Joe Morgan Undisclosed
    New Orleans Saints Joe Vitt Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Scott Fujita Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Sean Payton Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Travis Jones Real estate scam
    New Orleans Saints Will Smith Bounty
    New Orleans Saints Will Smith PEDs
    New York Giants Brandon Collins PEDs
    New York Giants Eric Moore PEDs
    New York Giants Frank Filchock Fixing
    New York Giants Jayron Hosley PEDs
    New York Giants Lyle West PEDs
    New York Giants Merle Hapes Fixing
    New York Giants Plaxico Burress Accidental shooting
    New York Giants Plaxico Burress Accidental shooting
    New York Giants Will Hill PEDs
    New York Giants Will Hill PEDs
    New York Giants Will Hill PEDs
    New York Jets Bobby Riley PEDs
    New York Jets Dimitri Patterson Absence
    New York Jets Jason Ferguson PEDs
    New York Jets Jesse Chatman PEDs
    New York Jets Kellen Winslow II PEDs
    New York Jets Mike Goodson PEDs
    New York Jets Sal Alosi Tripping
    New York Jets Santonio Holmes PEDs
    New York Jets Vince Amoia PEDs
    Oakland Raiders Andre Holmes PEDs
    Oakland Raiders Jarrod Cooper PEDs
    Oakland Raiders Luke Lawton PEDs
    Oakland Raiders Terrelle Pryor Ohio State scandal
    Philadelphia Eagles Bernard Williams PEDs
    Philadelphia Eagles Bernard Williams PEDs
    Philadelphia Eagles Jake Knott PEDs
    Philadelphia Eagles Joselio Hanson PEDs
    Philadelphia Eagles Lane Johnson PEDs
    Philadelphia Eagles Matt Stevens PEDs
    Philadelphia Eagles Ron Solt PEDs
    Phoenix Cardinals John Brandom PEDs
    Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger Player conduct
    Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison Violent tackle
    Pittsburgh Steelers Joel Steed PEDs
    Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Wiggins PEDs
    San Diego Chargers Andrew Pinnock PEDs
    San Diego Chargers Shawne Merriman PEDs
    San Diego Chargers Stephen Cooper PEDs
    San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson Player conduct
    San Francisco 49ers Aldon Smith PEDs
    San Francisco 49ers Clark Haggans PEDs
    San Francisco 49ers Demarcus Dobbs PEDs
    San Francisco 49ers Keith Henderson PEDs
    San Francisco 49ers Rollin Putzier PEDs
    San Francisco 49ers Travis Jervey PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Allen Barbre PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Brandon Browner PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Brandon Browner PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Bruce Irvin PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks John Moffitt PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks LenDale White PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Leroy Hill PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Shawn Springs PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Tony Burse PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Walter Thurmond PEDs
    Seattle Seahawks Winston Guy PEDs
    St. Louis Rams Brody Eldridge PEDs
    St. Louis Rams Isaiah Pead PEDs
    St. Louis Rams Jo-Lonn Dunbar PEDs
    St. Louis Rams Rokevious Watkins PEDs
    St. Louis Rams Scott Shanle PEDs
    St. Louis Rams Stedman Bailey PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aqib Talib PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Da’Quan Bowers PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dashon Goldson Helmet-to-helmet
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dashon Goldson Repeat safety violations
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Eric Wright PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jorvorskie Lane PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Luke Petitgout PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rick Razzano PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tanard Jackson PEDs
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tanard Jackson PEDs
    Tennessee Titans Adam Jones Assault
    Tennessee Titans Albert Haynesworth Stomping
    Tennessee Titans Chris Henry PEDs
    Tennessee Titans Gerald McRath PEDs
    Tennessee Titans Josh Evans PEDs
    Tennessee Titans Kenny Britt Police incidents
    Tennessee Titans Michael Griffin Repeat safety violations
    Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth Player coduct
    Washington Redskins Brandon Meriweather Helmet-to-helmet
    Washington Redskins Brandon Meriweather Illegal hit
    Washington Redskins Brandon Moore PEDs
    Washington Redskins Cedric Griffin PEDs
    Washington Redskins Frank Wycheck PEDs
    Washington Redskins Fred Davis PEDs
    Washington Redskins Fred Davis PEDs
    Washington Redskins Jarvis Jenkins PEDs
    Washington Redskins Jordan Black PEDs
    Washington Redskins Phillip Buchanon PEDs
    Washington Redskins Rob Jackson PEDs
    Washington Redskins Tanard Jackson PEDs
    Washington Redskins Tanard Jackson PEDs
    Washington Redskins Trent Williams PEDs

    • Todd, outstanding comment and I hope you didn’t type that out. BUT… Sports Illustrated didn’t go out of bounds? Dude… Rosenberg said that there was a monitor for replays that you could only see from the Patriots sideline. He kept it in the article even when it was proven for a fact to be completely untrue. Rosenberg also said that the rules for low hits on quarterbacks went into place in 2008 to protect Tom Brady… The rule was made in 2006. He messed this up, got jumped on by the internet over it, tried to correct it and STILL got the facts wrong. He also came on WEEI (one of our local sports radio stations) to defend his article and basically gave it up that he had no source for any of his allegations. I’ve outlined a lot of it here: https://patskrieg.com/2015/01/20/how-sports-illustrated-basically-lied-about-the-patriots/

      Psyched for Sunday. If it were anyone else up against Seattle I’d be rooting for the Hawks. They’re outstanding. Enjoy.

  66. Bob says:

    Great story but in the end it’s really only going to be appreciated by Pat’s fans. Haters gonna hate and logic and truth have no place in their thought process. And as one commenter already said, the haters have already taken away the thrill of this Superbowl. I’m also sickened by all the ignorant, fair weather fans who take the haters’ venomous rants as factual or even possible. Lastly, I hope Belichick remembers all the local media who threw him under the bus for their own shot at some national exposure, I know I would.

  67. Todd says:

    I accidentally left this line item from my prior post.

    Seattle Seahawks High PEDs, practice violations

    I was trying to decide if to list a staff violation such as for the Cowboys and Steelers. (None of the articles accused Pete of purchasing, just being lax.) The reference links were still posted.

    Disclosure: I am a Seahawks Fan.

  68. E says:

    What? You’re using examples of off the field incidents, character issues, and plays in a game for all to see to justify the patriots trying to get covert illegal advantages on the outcome of a game? Some of these examples make sense, but most are not cheating. I believe the patriots are one of the best teams the last several years. But, this is a silly way to prove it if your point is that everyone cheats. Maybe I didn’t read right.

  69. TB says:

    You just threw a walk off 50 yard bomb with this article. Seriously, no professional media person can top what you just did.

    A few things to add
    – jerry jones and the referee bus incident
    – jerry jones and the hookers grabbing his balls in the selfies

  70. Jay says:

    The clink does not have a roof you homer

  71. FXB says:

    Here is the link to the Sports Science spot that was taken down. He starts talking about the effects of the cold on a football at the 1:46 mark. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FEKSzg-VF4

    Charles’s Law / Gay-Lussac’s Law (http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/k-12/airplane/glussac.html) Physics can’t stand up to 24/7 media coverage.

    For anyone interested, here is the previously referenced link to the article in Time.

    Even with this fairly comprehensive listing of faults throughout the league, people still find a way to interpret it as a deflection. I think it is funny that no one mentions the game from halftime (balls re-inflated) forward. Did the Colts use the same balls the entire game? If so, what is their excuse for not executing plays? Did the Patriots play fall off the map in the second half clearly demonstrating an advantage lost? 28-0 still wins.

    I am not trying to brush anything under the rug. If my team screws up they screw up. I am just not going to let my team preference inspire rage/hate against one team over another for the same crap everyone does. It says so much about this league and fans that this gets more attention than actual crimes committed by players.

    Oh, by the way, this is still nothing more than a form of entertainment. A simple distraction as relevant to the real world as who George R.R. Martin will whack next.

  72. jdandrew80 says:

    This article reeks of butt hurt. And if Jerry Richardson is such a rich scumbag, who btw paid for the stadium without taxpayer money in the first place, ask the players why they love him so much. Also, those renovations, mostly escalators and other things to assist with handicapped fans. The only real luxury added by those renovations was the new jumbotron. That said, I do believe this whole Deflategate, Ballghazi, #shrinkage, thing is being blown far out of proportion. This is like a pitcher scuffing a ball in baseball. Fine somebody and move on. It’s being blown out of proportion because it’s Bill Belicheck, the Patriots, and Spygate.

  73. Hank the Patriots fan says:

    I wondered about Mr. Paytons tea bagging story while he was in college. Is that substantiated enough to include?

  74. Rich h says:

    Ray rice and deer antler spray?

    Also, the nfl officially announced that corrected balls were used for the second half of the afc championship game. Meaning that the patriots built a seemingly “insurmountable” lead of 14-7 when “cheating” and could barely outscore Indy 31-0 when forced to play by the rules.

    I will carry your article with me everywhere and hand out a copy to anyone tht brings up the patriots and “cheating”. Thank you.

  75. JB says:

    Feel free to include Jack Tatum’s ‘Stickum’. And Michael Irving’s whore house! Pats and Giants both had Dave Megget on their team. How about Cramarti who played for the Jets having 9 kids by 6-9 different woman?

  76. Mitchell says:

    This is a good article. I liked the term “Football tourist”. I’m a die-hard Pats fan but I hate when pose any argument I’m called bias. Sure everybody’s a little biased but I watch and monitor the league ON. THE. DAILY.

  77. Tes says:

    I am so incredibly glad you wrote this synopsis.. not necessarily because I am a Pat’s fan, but more importantly IT’S THE F&#+ING TRUTH. All, or most of the so called experts, have weighed in on the Pat’s with unbelievable biases against the team. I am so sick of listening to Brunell, Aikman, and even Tony Dingy. I shouldn’t be totally shocked about Dingy. He still blames the Pat’s for his getting fired as a head coach, AND on top of that, came to the defense of that low life piece of shit, Michael Vick. Says a lot about his integrity. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

    • Tess says:

      Everyone knows I wrote Dingy instead of Dungy. Just for the effect. I unfortunately think he’s been part of a lot of “Dingy” things

  78. Jerry says:

    Seahawks cheated to win NFC championship game last week by not putting Wilson through the league mandated concussion protocols after that viscous hit by Matthews. Anyone who saw the game knows there’s no way he would have passed immediately after the hit, and wouldn’t have been allowed to return.

  79. Tony says:

    One other note to add to the Packers, is that the game that the announcers said Rodgers admitted to over-inflation, they beat the Pats by only 5 points. Double standard?

  80. UncleJimboJones says:

    Great article! Just one thing to add to the Raiders list – didn’t they get caught adding helium to the footballs to give their kicks and punts more hangtime in a game against the Steelers? Not sure when this was, but think it was in the 70’s.

  81. Brian W says:

    You failed to mention the cowboys years of drug use ie Micheal Irvin. If you are going ot fling mud fling all of it not half. Come on now.

  82. This is so true I cant find the correct words to reply. Thank You…………. GO RESPECTABLE PATS

  83. alx says:

    Most of these are like grasping straws. It feels like you just took any bad thing commited by anyone remotely related to the sports organization and made a list. Brett Favre was addicted to painkillers in the 90s? So fucking what.

    • Yeah you nailed it. Years and years of documented rule violations, dirty play, and domestic abuse being swept under the rug is a total grasp at the proverbial straw. I apologize for being terse, but I’m really sick of answering this over and over considering it’s in the opening paragraph BUT… The point here is that the Patriots are handled by the fans and media as the only team that’s ever done anything wrong. This list is to prove the contrary. Make more sense?

  84. Austin Huff says:

    This is a very enlightening article. I have always found it annoying when everyone acts like the Pats are the only ones to make mistakes. Or that the reason the Pats win is because the refs. No matter what evidence you give to the contrary, or what you say to be like, “Maybe the Pats made a mistake and did something they shouldn’t have, they’re not alone.” Everyone acts like the refs always make calls for the Pats, never against. Or that Hernandez was the only bad man in the NFL, also they pretend like the Pats were the only ones to film or do something against the rules in any way. Ray Rice got less attention that this until the video released and they had no choice. Adrian Peterson has hardly been talked about. I enjoy finding an article of someone who can stand back from bias and look at every team.

  85. Amy Beckwith says:

    Thank you so much for brilliantly writing out in great detail what every intelligent (and not all of them are) Patriots fan wants to express, but doesn’t due to not having access to all of your information. Man!! You did an incredible job with your write-ups about each team!! I can’t believe how out-of-control this whole ridiculous deflate-friggin-gate has become, and we SHOULD be discussing all of the fabulous story lines that are involved with this fabulous SB match-up!! Why are so many people so stuck on the “Patriots are cheaters” thing without looking outside the box at the whole NFL picture in its entirety? That’s why I love your article and all the details you’ve presented about each team. I applaud your efforts! I feel that writing this article was worth your time and efforts even if it only changes one person’s view about the Patriots. Bravo!! And GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!

  86. Lu says:

    I’m so tired of hearing Spygate referred to as cheating or stealing signals. 99.9% of people who malign the Pats by referring to Spygate know fuckall about what Spygate even was and why they got in trouble for it.

    This just proves that claims about ‘integrity of the sport’ are disingenuous at best when you point the finger at two instances that actually impact the outcome of a game by nothing in the slightest.

  87. Steven says:

    This is the problem with Pats fans. Let me just address your comments about the Bills since I am a Bills fan. I do not think they were targeting Berry on the play, and it was a dirty play and should have garnered a fine. The not reporting Mario was something that was an oversight, and to be honest the head coach did not get a vote of support and left. Suing the cheerleaders has nothing to do with on field activity. The problem is for the Pats, it not individual players but an organizational problem with cheating. Every team has rogue players that do steroids or hold or cheat. The Pats ORGANIZATION cheats. That is what bothers me.

    • Hey Steven. The first football game I ever watched start to finish was Super Bowl XXV, and I’ve been a huge Jim Kelly fan ever since. So I don’t hate the Bills. I think you’re accusing Patriots fans of the same thing you’re doing yourself. Was the Mario Williams injury flub an honest mistake? Maybe. You and I will probably never really know. But imagine if that same incident happened in New England. The public takes enough liberties calling Belichick a cheating scumbag whenever Brady is listed probable with a shoulder injury. The media would erupt. I’m asking you to look at a heavily biased situation objectively. A one time mess-up on an injury report isn’t a scandal, and the plain truth is that neither is a practically imperceptible change in PSI in a football. Yet here we are. If we’re going to talk about things on an organizational level, the yes the cheerleader incident is relevant. That applies to the organization’s business practices as a whole.

      As far as Stevie Johnson, again you and I will never know if he meant to injure Berry or not. But the play was terrible. I’d chalk it up more to Johnson being an idiot than being dirty, but the block never should have happened like that. The fact is the Bills are second fiddle to the Patriots because of poor coaching and even worse GM and personnel management. You’ve got a great coach coming in, so maybe that will change. But cheating just isn’t the magical answer that so many want it to be as far as figuring out the Patriots secret. The simplest explanation might just be the right one in that they’re just doing a better job more consistently than most teams. Thanks for checking in and see you in September.

      • Steven says:

        Stevie Johnson….Gone. Cheap shot and he is gone! Let’s see the Pats cut Brady for cheating! It is not bad management it is called ethical management. Yep, the cheerleader issue showed a very poor side of the Bills, and their fans let the ownership know about it and Ralph fixed it. Didn’t see Kraft penalizing Belichick after Spygate, in fact a year later gave him a raise. The only question I have is why do they need to cheat if it really has no impact on the outcome of the game? They could have and did beat the Colts without needing to cheat, so why do it?

        With regards to Mario Williams I think the Bills made a mistake and should have lost draft picks for it. A 20K fine is meaningless. Marrone should have been suspended a game for that. I was shocked when Whatley did nothing after that. Bad management and I own up to it as a fan.

        BTW, Rex is an AWFUL hire. He will set the Bills back another 5 years. He ruined the Jets and now he will ruin the Bills. He also cheated by having his Special Teams coach tripping other players…unnecessary.

      • haha I think you’d make a decent drill sargent dude but I don’t know about an NFL owner or commissioner. First, let’s not pretend that Johnson was let go because of the hit on Eric Berry. Johnson was a spazz and the Bills are better off without him. Second, Belichick took a half a million dollar hit for Spygate and lost a draft pick. He was punished. Severely. There’s really no getting around it. Kraft had a decision to make, stuck with Belichick and I think it’s obvious that the decision has been rewarded. I like your fire for the game, but I really think you’re approaching it from a much too idealized perspective. And for my sake I hope you’re right about Rex and I’m wrong. I think he’s a meathead but a good football coach that let a few bad situations get way away from him. Only time will tell.

  88. Mike Gorham says:

    Great article…..should be a must read for every fan.

  89. Stefan Anderson says:

    The seahawks “multiple violations of offseason practice rules” was Pete Carroll allowing the players to hit each other. That doesn’t qualify as a “skeleton.”

    • Yeah you’re right. I can’t imagine how it feels to have my favorite team punished for breaking a rule that really doesn’t make sense and in the grand scheme of things means nothing.

  90. Matt says:

    Salary cap scam? Sorry that washington and dallas were too smart and legally tampered with player contracts and front loaded them, there was no rule against it, the other 30 teams were mad they didn’t think of it.
    Mike Vick served roughly 2 years of prison time, I don’t agree with what he did, but he served more time than people get for killing an actual human being (see: Donte Stallworth), he is a free man and there is no law against a free man playing in the NFL
    How is Favre admitting he has an addiction anything like INTENTIONALLY BREAKING THE RULES TO GET AN UPPERHAND, It doesn’t matter if New England would have won anyways, if Mike Tyson beat a teenager in a boxing match no one would bat an eye – but if it were revealed that Tyson had illegal gloves that gave him an UPPERHAND, it would still be CHEATING.

    • Yes, of course Dallas and Washington were punished for being smarter than everyone. That explains everything. There is no comparison between Vick and Stallworth. Stallworth accidentally hit a guy who was running into oncoming traffic on a highway at night. Michael Vick knowingly tortured and killed animals because he’s a sociopath. As for the hypothetical clusterfuck you posed: you’re a moron.

      • Tess says:

        Love your response. Stallworth hid a man getting off from his night job at 6:00 am. Stallworth’s biggest concern was he would have his driver’s license taken away for life. Really dickhead?? You just KILLED someone while you were drunk. Michael Vick is the devil’s child. After being convicted, jailed, and released, he wanted to be a spokesperson for the SPCA???? Are you kidding me???? Now he’s bitching because his kids can’t have a dog!!! Why don’t some of you bloggers read the book “The Lost Dogs”? If you can get through the preface, and really understand what this asshole did under the guise of a boarding/breeding facility, then maybe you’ll have a better understanding of what a scumbag he is.

  91. Troy says:

    I was working on something similar. Thanks for putting this together! My research was in its infancy stage, but found a few more for your approval.

    Tried to look through the replies for any mention of these…feel free to add if you feel they are worthy.

    Minnesota Vikings

    Chicago Bears

    FWIW, I don’t believe infractions should be added to this list unless there was team involvement (some folks are just knuckleheads). PED issues and arrests (unless team knew of PED use) might not be the team’s doing. Just food for thought sir.

    • I’ve got the Urlacher one in there actually. To me this is about much more than stupid psigate. The character and integrity of the organization has been recklessly challenged over and over. So everything is fair game, on the field or otherwise.

  92. Matt says:

    Saints wiretap accusation and investigation…

  93. Tom says:

    Minor point of contention – I think the Richard Sherman PED situation was in 2012, not 2014 as you have above. Otherwise, you make a good point. As a Seahawk fan, even I think this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion – as does almost anything the media can get their hands on during the dead time before the Superbowl. Last year it was all about Sherman’s post game rant and why Lynch won’t talk to the media. Total distraction from what is actually a really interesting football match up.

    • Yes, the PED situation was 2012. Typo fixed. And thank god, a rational Seattle fan. Yes, blown out of proportion I’d say is way more than an understatement. And you can blame the same poser tourist media that blew this non story up for making Richard Sherman apologize for the greatest post-game interview of all time.

  94. jennifer says:

    The other thing I cannot seem to get across to any one is this was a $20,000 fine. That’s how insignificant this media driven so called HUGE scandal is. Set in place for kickers caught ball manipulating every cgance thet got. The argument ….the case is they cheated ….so does every athlete that on peds. I have yet for some one to tell me the difference between a performance enhanced football and a performance enhanced player? Both are for competitive edge used to “dishonor” this so called clean sport but peds are so widely abused that no one really cares anymore. How about the Seattle’s superbowl win have an asterisk and the NFL makes an example of you and your team Richard Sherman who’s been so out spoken over the issue…..but his Adderall use is cool cuz half the NFL does it but so does so called football tampering.

  95. Indysgirl says:

    It’s really interesting how you list everything about the Colts that says nothing about them cheating. Irsay moved the team. That was his option as the owner. What the individual players do outside of the game does in no way represent a team. They are human. The coach or the team itself isn’t responsible for their stupidity off the field. Complain about Dungy changing the rules to his advantage but show proof. Everything you have listed is an accusation. Anyone can accuse. It’s when you have evidence it becomes and issue. Such as the Patriots getting caught cheating for a second time.

    • I can’t decide if your head is buried further in the sand or up Jim Irsay’s ass.

      Irsay and Dungy complained to the league about legal contact from defensive players – Documented
      Tony Dungy was on the NFL Competition Committee – Documented
      Dungy used his influence to change a rule based on his own professional interests – Documented
      Both the Irsays are and were alcoholics. – Documented

      Have you seen 30 for 30: The Band That Wouldn’t Die? Of course not. Robert Irsay’s irrational decision making and erratic character are thoroughly laid out in a way that not even his son could fully justify, as well as the cowardly manner that he cut and ran from Baltimore uprooting a cornerstone franchise in the league from a city that loved it.

      Players represent their team as much as the organization allows them to. When a player commits a heinous irrefutable act and the team still tries to hide them on the roster hoping it will all blow over that action represents the organization. I’m sorry that your favorite team did a bunch of crappy things and you can’t do anything but fold your arms and huff. The real world is quite a difficult experience.

  96. Dana says:

    Excellent compilation of facts, and proves your point for the article. No team is clean enough to point fingers at another. This article has nothing to do with team loyalty, and everything to do integrity for the game of football. They are all guilty at one level or another. Also, you cited many instances of actions that happened on the field and affected the outcome of games. If anything deserves an asterisk, how about all the 49’ers Super Bowl wins for salary cap cheating. Or am I the only one who thinks that might have made a difference to their level of dominance during that run? Anyway, great article! Thank you.

  97. denzera says:

    Hey, fantastic article. If you’re interested in being around rational football fans who like to actually discuss the game, you might find a home at the Sons of Sam Horn. Sounds like you’d fit right in.

    Anyway, just to bolster your point, here’s a few more you can add to the list (since yours seems destined to be the archive of record on the internet for these things):

    Ravens star RB Jamal Lewis busted for facilitating a drug deal, did 4 months in federal in the offseason, went right back to the team:

    Jerry Jones likes to party with strippers ( http://deadspin.com/strippers-in-jerry-jones-pics-dont-remember-much-escor-1618239717 ), and has been accused of treating other women as if they were hookers ( http://thinkprogress.org/sports/2014/09/10/3565630/dallas-cowboys-owner-jerry-jones-accused-of-sexual-assault/ )

    Broncos’ Dan Neil fined $53k in 2001 for two leg whips vs Oakland, the week after breaking Bryan Cox’s leg and getting a $15k fine for it:

    You could throw in cowboy Darren Woodson’s dirty helmet-to-helmet hit against Seattle’s Darrell Jackson that gave him a concussion and seizures, and gave Woodson a $75k fine, back in 2002.

    Then there’s Marshawn Lynch, who pled guilty to having concealed semiautomatic weapons in his (hot-boxed) car while a Bill in 2009 ( http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3955441 ), and was charged with DUI and pled to reckless driving in 2012 while a Seahawk ( http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/20/marshawn-lynch-to-plead-guilty-to-reckless-driving-to-end-dui-case/ ).

    While we’re talking Seahawks, they employed Jarriel King when he sexually assaulted a drunk woman in 2012. Did they release him? Sure, but that’s not the point here is it?
    (and you should look at former star TE Jerramy Stevens, aka Mr. Hope Solo, and his lengthy rap sheet – including during the Hawks’ 2005 NFC title run)

    Is “tampering” a BS rule the NFL has in place to help hold down player costs and keep up profits for its owners? Sure. But that hasn’t stopped a list of morons violating league policy:

    2013: Colts’ Vontae Davis busts his own team re: Dolphins’ CB Sean Smith – http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2013/02/28/vontae-davis-twitter-sean-smith-dolphins/1954739/
    2011: Lions tampered with Chiefs players – http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/02/18/league-finds-lions-guilty-of-tampering/
    2008: The Brett Favre saga, engineering a trade to the Vikings via the Jets and ‘retiring’ while screwing the Packers out of the proceeds of a trade – http://bleacherreport.com/articles/241861-favre-on-favre-in-his-own-words
    2008: 49ers tampered with Bears’ LB Lance Briggs – http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d807625f4/article/nfl-strips-49ers-of-fifthround-draft-pick-for-tampering
    2003: Redskins tampered with Patriots’ FS Lawyer Milloy – http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?id=1611621
    (you’ve got the Dolphins-Shula one, which is probably the granddaddy)

    Hope that helps!

    • I read “sonsofsamhorn.net” in my referral links really quickly and thought it was another fantasy novel or cosplay messageboard that was somehow talking about this. Way too funny. Thanks for posting.

  98. Ali says:

    I just wanted to say, whereas I understand why YOU as the author of this website would obviously want to make it known that no one’s house is clean in the NFL, if you had written up the offenses by each team in a slightly more unbiased way (as unbiased as you could be) it would have given your article more credibility to your intended audience which I assume is anyone who is NOT a Patriots fan. You have an opportunity to change people’s opinions, but you can’t do so by slandering the other teams so hatefully. Instead of presenting yourself as an intelligent, well-educated and passionate Patriots fan, the language you use makes you seem like nothing more than a “typical” Patriots fan who’s throwing a temper tantrum every time your team allegedly does something that puts them under a microscope. It’s a good article…IF you’re a Patriots fan. If you’re not, well, it just comes off as well written garbage that just happens to include some hard evidence to the fact that no one team is “perfect.”

    • All the facts listed here are still facts regardless of where you live or what football team you like. If I have a biased intention for putting them out there that certainly doesn’t change that they all still happened. Like it or not. The Patriots get blasted harder than anyone for anything and everything. That was the basis of writing this article.

      And jesus christ… HOW is it still surprising people that a blog called PATSKRIEG is biased?

  99. Stephanie Burns Leary says:

    Wow, a lot to digest. Love football in general and the Patriots forever and a lot of other NFL teams. Watching media day and reading in NH and caught the start “angry and depressing” which matched how I have felt for a week, maybe more stunned, shocked and sad. Had to stop listening to fav radio and tv shows and unlike and unfollow internet sites. My dad and I noticed not as many people sporting their NEP gear in NH, like maybe he and I only one’s past 3 days and usually everyone’s sportin’, I don’t get it. We focus a lot on football from August to February. Feel bad for the team and disappointed for us fans. Great high as the season went on and crash. Hoping for the high of a win and wondering how it will feel…Enjoyed your knowledge and research!

  100. Sam says:

    Didn’t Pete Carroll have a championship taken away from him for cheating?

  101. D S says:

    Don’t forget about the allegations that Seattle cheated in last year’s superbowl victory http://topekasnews.com/seahawks-rigged-super-bowl-xlviii-chris-christie-scheme-investigation-nfl/

  102. Scott says:

    You missed the most important of them all….

    In 2010 the Broncos were caught videotaping a Rams walk-through prior to their game in London. Fines were levied by the league. And what’s interesting is that folks like to keep claiming that the Pats did it to the Rams prior to their SB when in fact it never happened, was a bogus story by the Herald. They apologized and retracted the story. Yup, it was the Broncos taping practices. No outcry by the media or fans nationwide?

    And then the Jets…Just prior to Spygate, the Jets were caught videotaping the Patriots and were tossed out. Of course, the Pats did not report to the league, but later did let it get out thanks to Spygate.

    Finally, the biggest leak/rumor (everyone is tossing the terms around these days) was that some of the evidence the Pats turned over to the league in Spygate, the evidence that was destroyed was actually evidence of other teams doing the same thing, especially the Jets. Makes sense, seems like something BB would do since he thought was he was doing was legal, but no way does the commish want that getting out.

  103. Scott says:

    The most crazy aspect about so-called Deflategate and those who enjoy hating, bringing down those at the top is how NFL fans and sportswriters are now in worship of NFL officials and commish Goodell. All season, all the calls for resignation, blaming the refs for bad calls, favoring teams, etc. etc. etc…..
    And now we are to believe that fans nationwide are in awe of their abilities. Every leak/rumor is to be believed. Liberals now believe FOX (check out Huffington Post articles) without question and conservatives believe NBC.(Pro Talk Football). And when the “leaks” contradict, the newest are dumped in favor of the old which tend to indict the Pats. And science is always denied unless it is done by a celeb scientist or a Wilson salesman who only knows about letting air out and not having leaks. Forget about MIT PHDs and a PA based firm that profits from making sports safer for athletes, has the test gear.
    And fans of other teams wonder why we Pats fans get pissed? You claim that you are only concerned about integrity and want us to buy it? Huh?
    Even more amazing is how folks all over the country have no clue as to how strong the NY media is, their worship of the Jets and hatred of the Pats is, playing everyone else as suckers. Jets started this and Pats retaliated. That’s the heart of it. Doesn’t anyone outside of NY understand that this latest scandal began shortly after the Pats filed tampering charges against the Jets? Come on…Get that proverbial clue…

  104. taylorencore says:

    “Everyone does it, therefore it’s okay”. We should take away pass interference, because everyone cheats. We should allow horse collar tackles, because everyone cheats. We should allow 13 men on the field, because everyone cheats. We should allow illegal formations, because everyone cheats. What an unthoughtful argument. According to this logic, every other instance on this list shouldn’t be mentioned because…who cares? Every NFL team has some secrets.

    • That’d be a great argument if the Patriots hadn’t been punished severely. So “everyone cheats” they’re punished yet only one team gets the conspiracy theory treatment 7 days a week. Nice try though.

  105. Paul says:

    Thanks for this great read. Honestly I’m exhausted for defending my team for the last two weeks let one the last 10 years. I should be jacked for the Super Bowl but instead I’ve gotten a permanent headache as of late. I just wish this article and others like it would be brought up on *insert random TV station here* instead of just on social media. Someone needs to take a stand and stop trying to blame the greatest team we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  106. Richie says:

    Jeff Blake who started 11 games with Ray Lewis in 2002 and broke into the league with the Jets says he deflated his football “every” time he played. Add 1 more each to Baltimore and the Jets.

  107. KKHH says:

    Mike — you are freaking awesome! Thank you so much for putting this together – it’s very enlightening. I’m gonna share a link everywhere I can. GO PATS!!

  108. Rick McClelland says:

    I keep telling other team fan accusers that they all cheat. I’ve been telling them that for decades but none of them will own up to their team’s cheating. I’m glad I, finally, have some back-up. I will definitely repost.
    Thank You very much Patskrieg.com

  109. Love this post – Gonna take me a while to frame it though – couple of years might work. Please keep it up!

    Why the Boston Media hates the Patriots


    Let’s face it – hard to believe that Bill Belichick might ever be a TV personality. He’s gruff – get over it. Because when he speaks football – you can’t keep up because you don’t know what he’s talking about. So, you write about his gruff standoffish personality. Here – the fact that you can’t keep up is your problem – not his.

    Media Policy: Under no circumstances do we let the media create controversy for our players, coaches or organization. Limit media access and send the team to the Bill Belichick school of media control.

    WHAT THE FANS EXPECT (At least me) FROM THE OWNER, COACH, and the rest….

    I expect the coach to do what is in the best interest of the team in pursuit of the all elusive unbeaten season. I personally like his media policy. I don’t need to know 92% of the crap I read about the Patriots to get to the 8% that counts towards the next football game.


    Right after the loss to the Rams in 2001 I remember thinking – they could have beaten those guys! And I grabbed the papers for the next few days looking for game analysis. What I got was Dan Shaughnessy. writing about “Quarterback Controversy?”. In other words – what I got some major league bullshit about a Quarterback Controversy that didn’t exist. If Dan had gotten some traction – imagine what bad things could have come from that? So, I stopped reading Dan Shaughnessy. I saw his headlines from time-to-time over the years and formed the opinion that he would alternate as the most negative writer ever – or the writer looking for the most controversy possible.

    As time dribbled on I found it ever more difficult to find good football reporting.

    Then “The Boston Globe’s Shalise Manza-Young was the first beat writer who had to backtrack, as Bill Belichick released a statement Friday that disputed her story that Aaron Dobson had been benched because he engaged in a confrontation with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. She later said her report was inaccurate.” http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2014/10/06/chris-mortensen-espn-tom-brady-report-shalise-manza-young-boston-globe-aaron-dobson-report-were-denied-by-the-patriots/ {One source does not a reporter make.}

    So, now I just scrounge around and find more on the blogs that is football and have pretty much given up on the Boston media.


    The Boston media hates Belichick and will do all it can at every chance it can to discredit him. 100s of millions of words all generated by the Boston Media crucifying Belichick and Brady for under inflated footballs? Are you shitting me. Why – his media policy and intellect – they want “stories” not sports reports, and they can’t keep up. Example – how many years had it taken them to believe “we’re moving on to Cincinnati” and worse the real reason why (we only got 5 days to get ready – wasting time talking about this will not help the team – it’s not in the best interest of the team – sorry you pin-pricks can’t seem to wrap your head around that simple concept). Alas – there are no stories that are not distractions – so the media is pretty useless to the Patriots Professional Football team. So, they look to fry Belichick and the organization every chance they get (which is pretty slim unless you fabricate (hello SM-Y)) – go to the Dan S school of “sports reporting”.

    NOW? Now comes the media frenzy. Deflategate my ass. When I stopped reading Dan S I “voted with my feet”. I love print newspaper – it’s what I grew up with. Last Thursday was the last Glob I’ll ever buy.

    Slowly, over the past 5 years I have switched over to the internet, the blobs (Denny Crane), the underground news and yes the advertisements are there but I can battle back and still print the results to read over breakfast – and I get to delete the advertisements. It’s a little more work but well worth it.

    Boston Media – Stay out of Foxboro – Go Pats!!!

  110. Howard says:

    You went to all the trouble of compiling this list because other teams and players do bad stuff too? Not sure who you’re audience is – I suspect all Pats fans – but is the evidence to show it’s ok? I could really care less about this mini controversy personally but if they did something against the rules it shouldn’t be ok cuz Plax shot himself or some guys in the league are homophobes? You know why Deflategate is such a big deal? Your team is in the SuperBowl, there are only two of them and Seattle didn’t do something worthy of mention in their game…
    Go get a Dunkin Donuts coffee and take a chill pill

    • 1. The name of the blog is PATSkrieg so figure out who my audience is. 2. The expression is “couldn’t care less.” 3. No shit it’s a controversy only because the Patriots are successful. 4. Dunkins sounds like a great idea. You want anything?

  111. Kevin D Grant says:

    Cheating is cheating, dishonesty is dishonesty. ‘Management 101’ has a quiz whereby you ask if a person would fire another person for stealing $1,000 then repeats at $500, eventually going to a dollar. The answer is the same in every case – no matter what the amount, the person should be fired.

  112. Brandon says:

    Coming from a Hawks fan, I could give a shit less about deflate gate, doesn’t change my view of the Pats (and thats not that they are a bunch of cheaters before you jump to conclusions). I like that you put this all in one place, its an awesome resource, however I do need to say that just because other teams do it does not justify another team when they get caught which is exactly what happened. They got caught and that’s why its a huge headline. Regardless of whether or not it makes a difference in the game is irrelevant because it’s still AGAINST THE RULES.

    • Hey Brandon. Thanks for your thoughts. Bending/breaking the rules comes with it’s price. The NFL assesses the situation, hands out its discipline and presumably we move on. Deflategate is at worst a $20-$25,000 fine (if it even happened), yet somehow large chunks of the press are calling for Belichick to be fired, the Patriots to be banned from the Super Bowl, Bob Kraft to be killed etc. As with most things I write, it’s a matter of saying shame on the media more so than the teams. If everyone agreed that this was a minor infraction then why did so called respectable members of the press call for so many ridiculous punishments? Given the recent revelations in the case, specifically the growing truth that there is no case, I think it just highlights how stupid and ridiculous everyone reacted to it.

  113. Andrew D says:

    Here is some compelling evidence that proves the great Montana and the Niners cheated through their entire SB run of the 80. JERRY RICE ADMITS TO USING STICK’UM!!!


  114. great article! I’m so sick of the media and NFL fans piling on New England as if they’re the lone offenders. #PatriotsNation

  115. cfb says:

    Couple of things you forgot about.

    Jets – Tampering with Pats coach Bill Parcells just prior to the Superbowl. Then they exploited a loophole in the collective bargaining agreement to sign Curtis Martin to a contract the Pats couldn’t match, then tearing up the contract and using the one they’d intended on using.

    49ers – Watering their fields down to mud when facing a speed opponent and paying players under the table

    Raiders – extensive steroid use through the 60’s and 70’s

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  117. Oggy says:

    Just a question.. I’m not a “fan” of the Saints (though they are my home-team)… I consider both “Bountygate” and “Spygate” to both be cheating. On one hand yes, a player could have their career ended, but I don’t recall one injury caused by the saints.

    At any rate, on to my question… Do you think it was fair that, after being caught, Belichick was only fined $500,000 (he admitted he was a part of it) but Sean Payton, who had not part in but knew about the bounty program and did nothing, was suspended for a year and forced to forfeit $5.8 million of his salary (effectively 11.6x the amount Belichick was fined).

    Also, think of the teams the Patriots beat that didn’t make the playoffs or to the next round of the playoffs and how much money they lost out on because of that? That’s literally robbing someone with a camera instead of a gun..

    Again, Payton knew about it, had nothing to do with it and didn’t stop it. 1 year $5.8 million. Belichick knew about it, participated in it, no suspension $500,000 fine. Fair?

    • Patskrieg says:

      Hi Oggy, sorry for the late response. I wanted to give this post some attention. To answer your question:

      • I like Sean Payton and think he’s a great coach. But to say that he wasn’t involved in Bountygate is pretty naive.
      • If we’re comparing Belichick’s punishment to Payton’s, no I do not think it’s unfair. Stealing signals is a part of football, like it or not. Some coaches have bragged about it (see Mike Shannahan), other teams have found semi-legal ways to get around it (see Nick Saban’s 2006 Dolphins buying game audio of playcalls). Belichick’s crime was the use of and placement of cameras to do it. I would not equate a misdone formality for something as despicable as a bounty system. After all the lies and misinformation about Spygate most people just don’t care to realize exactly what the situation was about. As Belichick himself has said recently, 80,000 people in the stadium could have seen the exact same thing they video taped. I think $1.5 million in total fines and a loss of a draft pick is more than enough.
      • I’m certainly not saying Payton’s punishment was just either. The NFL’s case against Payton was hardly air tight. The rumor of bounties existing in the NFL has been around forever. I would find it very hard to believe that Payton and Gregg Williams invented this on their own. Realistically someone should have gotten nailed for this years ago and it never should have gotten to this point. Payton took the fall for something other coaches were definitely guilty of, and was scapegoated hard.
      • I have no sympathy for the teams the Patriots beat in the playoffs because “cheating” had nothing to do with it. For as much as people would like to think the Patriots had some inside information in Super Bowl XXXVI, just watch the game. A more physical team beat out an over-entitled team. Watch the games and tell me where the cheating starts. The Patriots beat a team that we know for a fact cheated in Super Bowl XXXVIII. Sorry but boo-hoo to the teams that think Spygate is an excuse for losing a football game.

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